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Recent Sachet Experience?


I haven't seen any recent comments on sachets. Anyone here have any experience with them? Is the primary advantage that they're difficult to detect in a mail-order scenario? Is is merely a matter of dealing with what your source provides?

Because, for ease of use, vials are certainly superior IMO. Wipe poke go.

And once you purchase sterile empty vials, filter syringes, extra needles, etc. to transfer the oils. It certainly isn't cheaper to use sachets... what am I missing?


Customs knows what sachets are. The overwhelming opinion is negative. Never used the stuff though


They're marketed to get through customs easier. I can't speak to whether or not they get through more than vials. But, they're pretty easy to transfer to a vial. IMO the $3 vial and extra syringe is worth the peace of mind that you'll get through customs. I'm sure its all opinion and preference. I'm curious what others experiences are.


I've heard the injects are painful


I don't understand how that can be the case. Except that I have noticed that filtering seems to be recommended before transferring to a vial. So, maybe that makes a difference. I have no experience with sachets, or filtering, so...


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This. Don't bother with sachets...get a local source and pin gear with appropriate BA and BB ratios, and save your ass some pain.


I know some dudes who love stealth sachets... but they are also fucking idiots...

they talk about it hurting, and they never filter it.. so yeah, they are stupid. I would go for vials. If you get a good source, it can be cheaper than the sachets I have seen...


Negative. Guess it depends on your source though. Like everyone else said, if you've got a local source and the price is satisfactory, then go that route.