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Recent PRs


I am currently training for competition in my third Olympic weightlifting meet on May 1. Below are a couple of PRs I hit a few weeks back. I was pretty psyched to hit two PRs in one week to say the least! Take a look and let me know what you think.



I find it funny that you are lifting on grass. Nice lifts!

You are a bit better than me, got about 10 kg more on the clean and jerk and 12 on the snatch for the same BW. Good luck in May!


Hey thanks! Ha...yeah I usually train on the turf because there is more space. I'll probably switch over to the rubber when I break out the shoes next week.


Keep your ass down during the lift (esp off the floor) and youll do way more.


Try and change direction of the dip faster. You flatten out a bit and muscle it up and don't rally catch the 'bounce' of the dip and drive.

Looks pretty good overall, hips down as GqArtguy has mentioned also and welcome here buddy!



Thanks for the tips artguy and koing! I have been working on quickening the turnover time of my dip and not sinking so low prior to the jerk. I will be sure to practice keeping my hips down as you both mentioned as well.

Appreciate the advice,


My hips hike up as in the Cleans but I'm working on that as well as making my dip and drive straighter with a shallower dip.

How long have you been lifting? I'm entering my 35-40th comp tomorrow. My last one was last week and before that 5 weeks before that LOL. LOVE IT! I have the British this year and another 2 comps. I avg about 5 comps a year.



Wow, that's awesome Koing. Sounds like you have some serious experience under your belt. You must have to do quite a bit of travelling to be able to compete that frequently.

I trained a bit here and there with variations of the O-lifts in high school and college when I still was involved in team sports. However, it has only really been over the past two years or so that I have really worked at become proficient in the Olympic style variations of the lifts.

I have never really worked with a coach on my technique, and so my progress has probably been a little slower than some may achieve. Regardless, I have so much fun while trying to improve my abilities in the lifts, and it is likely that I will seek out the guidence of an experienced coach in the near future to really hone my skills.

Anyway, I am very passionate about weightlifting and training in general as well. I thrive off of the challenge the lifts bring.

Best of luck tomorrow! Be sure to let me know how it goes. I would love talk shop with you more in depth in the future.

Talk soon,


wow thats some good lifting man. ive recently started olympic lifting, and can snatch and c/j 185 lb, hopefully i can improve to your level...strong lifts bro!!