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Recent Progress Shots/Vids


Hey guys I've started keeping a log in the powerlifting forum as I prep for my next meet. Having said that, I'm a bodybuilder too...so I'm constantly trying to grow as a bodybuilder while pursuing strength goals. Here is a couple updated shots. I've really been focusing on bringing up my posterior for bodybuilding. I feel like my posterior everything lacks in comparison to my front but that I'm making ground. Not sure when the next show is...but I'm heading in the right direction.

Week 5 of 500mg test alone for what it's worth.

315x5 raw bench

545x3 raw squat

605x4 raw deadlift (straps and doh)

GOALS: 650+ squat, 400+ bench, 750+ deadlift...hoping to crack an 1800lb raw total in the 242lb class in september.

Keep packing on muscle for bodybuilding with an emphasis of bringing up my posterior muscles.


I like that our bench's are similar and your total blows me out of the water. I wish I could trade the ability to bench for the ability to squat and pull.

How old are you, so I know how bad to feel about my progress in comparison? lol.


Damn, those are some respectable numbers along with a great physique. If you don't mind me asking, how long have you been training? I feel so weak all of a sudden hah.


Great to see you back being active on here brother. Definitely been putting your time to use being productive!



LOL thanks man I'm 25.


I'm 25 now. I did my first bodybuilding show one month after turning 19 and my first powerlifting meet at 20.


Feels good to be active on the boards again. I've made some progress over the past few years and am feeling good about my future. Glad things are going well for you too man.


Great stuff! Bench form is simply perfect man.

Im looking to transition from only powerlifting into more bodybuilding to build my physique.. What do you recommend?

Bodyparts hit once a week? legs/push/pull type? Any of your knowledge is helpful


I train 4 days a week when "powerlifting" but I'm always focused on building muscle as well. The MDD diet works well imo.

I follow this split:
overhead work/delts/arms

I start with my heavy compound movement focused on numbers. After that my accessory work is basically regular volume bodybuilding. If I'm getting ready for a meet I may toss in some more compound stuff with heavy weight as an assistance...but other than that I hit that 8-12 rep mark and still push myself with the weight used.

As a raw powerlifter I see an importance with keeping a focus on building muscle tissue as well lol.


I'm currently doing a 2 on 1 off 2 on 2 off thing but it's also instinctive. If it's my squat day but I don't feel it and my shoulders are feeling good then I switch days up or take days off. I just make it a point to get the big four in at least once every 7 days.


Another log in another forum? Troll!

Nah, good work man. likin having you back here. good job on your mid back as well, it's getting good. I do think your front is much betterbut you knew that and your back looks ssignificantly better than last I saw. what are you doing for it?


Man you're back and delts look good...not often that you can see full, round delts from the rear like that.

Also, impressive numbers.


Dirty Gerdy,

After I saw your pic I figured you were a crazy deadlifter. You don't get that way without some serious heavy lifting. By the way, you made the deadlift in the video look simple easy.

Nice pecs! I was thinking that 315 lb video was going to be for 12 with that chest.


haha trollin is what I do best!

Well on all of my isolation movements (cable rows, etc) I dropped the weight and focused on the contraction.

Other than that heavy ass deadlifts and shrugs lol


Yea man I wish it was all in the chest. I'm fixing some weak delts and triceps to finish the movement! haha


Don't change a thing, it's working for you!


Great numbers and great physique.

How much do you weight currently?

And what is your plan to get to 242?


Good physique man, and take note people most people posting that they can 315 bench don't look anywere near Dirty Gerdy and he is doing 315x5.


315 is nothing to scoff at for a single let alone 5.. I can rep with it and my chest doesn't pop like that! Let's not forget the dude knows his shit about dieting and how to put a finished product on stage.


I weigh 228-231 depending on the time of day.

I'm not a natural athlete and I'm not running much now. I'll put on 10lbs just by adding my "supplements". I've been 248-252 before.

Heavy weights, dead animals, and a pinch of gear. lol