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Recent Observations About Belt and Barbell Lifts

Hey Jim,

I’ve been watching over your more recent YouTube videos over the past 2 years or so and noticed a couple of things. Over the past 2 years you have only uploaded videos of Trapbar deadlifting and SSB squatting and both were done Beltless.

Have you now totally abandoned straight bar squatting and deadlifting aswell as the belt? And if so why?

Thanks for your time,

Due to injuries. Two decades of football and three of lifting + incredibly competitive = shit happens.

If I could use a straight bar, I would. Specialty bars are good for old dudes but are an excuse for everyone else. You have to earn the right.

Belt: I’m hardly strong enough to wear a belt anymore - also my goals are much different now so pushing the main lifts isn’t that huge of a priority anymore.

Thanks for the info and the time Jim, much appreciated