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Recent Negative Study on TRT


Clinical implications

From a clinical perspective, our study suggests that lifelong endogenous testosterone could have a role in thromboembolism, heart failure, and possibly myocardial infarction, particularly among men. These findings provide another strand of evidence consistent with the cardiovascular warnings about TRT issued by regulators. Further evidence is needed to clarify whether our findings are relevant to the higher rates of these diseases in men than in women,7071 or suggest that agents that lower testosterone would be protective. Additional research is also required comparing the effects of endogenous testosterone with those of exogenous testosterone.


Our study suggests that endogenous testosterone could have a role in thromboembolism, heart failure, and myocardial infarction in men. It might be worth considering whether existing treatments that modulate endogenous testosterone could be used for these conditions.

Considering how poorly men are treated over in the UK and poor knowledge in TRT protocols, I can’t take this study seriously. There are higher rates of disease these days do to poor diet and a lack of exercise, these are the increases related to strokes and heart attacks. Pepsi causes strokes in women over 50, I don’t see anyone doing anything about it and it’s business as usual.

This is the same country that doesn’t believe in T3 medicine for hypothyroidism.

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So, androgen deprivation therapy for an obese, diabetic guy with cardiovascular disease? Really?

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I think we should also put the patient on an SSRI to insure he is chemically castrated so he has absolutely no reason to live. Then when he dies young he just won’t care.

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