Recent Labs, After a Low of 71

To back up, had to have labs for doctor to write new perscription for insurance reasons… I have been following 2 injections a week of .25ml so I had labs taken the day after I should have injected (inject tues, didn’t, lab on wed) results came in with test at 71. The thing is I really didn’t feel all that differect, well I moved and figured best to change docs, told him my past, he ran new labs, this time lab was ran on the day I was to inject, so in theory I was at my low:

Testosterone, Serum 665 range 348 - 1197
TSH 3.100 range .450 - 4.500
Prolactin 6.1 range 4.0 - 15.2
Estrogens, Total 46 adult male range 40 - 115

I have no idea why test is so different from last, I still feel no different, I though I would have high estrogen but I guess thats not the problem. Everything look ok to you guys?

Since you dont have any symptoms at all (or didnt bother to list them) we have to conclude that your bloodwork is perfect.

Sorry, posted months back with original pre-treatment results, problems, etc. Was just concerned with these new results obviously they are within “range” but I’m really not sure about the estrogen and tsh levels, if they are where they should be or not.

If you don’t have any symptoms, then they are where they should be. We aren’t mind readers.

tsh looks like crap, but if you don’t have any symptoms, I don’t know if you should pursue it or not.