Recent HFCS Study

This study is from the Journal of Nutrition:

The abstract is there to read. Basically the subjects were normal weight women, they had two trial days. Matched isocaloric intake of sucrose vs. HFCS that was 30% of intake. The second day was ad libitum (as much as you want) access to food after fed HFCS or sucrose, which again was 30% of the meal. They tested all the plasma levels (insulin, ghrelin, etc) and saw no sig difference between the groups.

I know this is preliminary and it doesn’t give an excuse to just eat tons of HFCS, but it’s interesting nevertheless.

I don’t think the problem with HFCS is the effects on insulin levels (although the fact that it matched the plasma levels of sucrose is disturbing on its own), but the fact that it’s easy to suck down 500+ cals of the stuff in a few mouthfuls.

Although HFCS is mainly found in sodas, juices, gatorade, etc, it is also found in everything that used to has or used to have sucrose. There are people that will avoid HFCS in favor of sucrose, which was once thought different in insulin responses.

Again, I’m not endorsing consumption of HFCS, but I don’t think people need to avoid it completely, in favor of sucrose, especially if there is more long-term or male studies done in the future.