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Recent Hernia Surgery, Which Leg Exercises?

Had laproscopic hernia surgery a few weeks back and I’ll be back on the weights in the coming weeks. I want to be cautious and based on what I have read, I need to stay away from squat and deadlift longer than anything else. Not only are these my favorite lifts, they are of course the best all around lower body lifts.

My question is, what leg lifts should I use while I can’t do squat and deadlift? I’m not a bodybuilder or a strength competitor. My goals are increased size and strength. Thanks.

Anything on a machine where you can use a pad or the frame to decrease the total amount of torso stabilisation you need.
Then keep the reps between 20 - 30.
Then just don’t push it until the specialist says you’re completely cleared, at which point do whatever.

I agree with what crush had to say. Having also herniated a couple discs I have found that deadlifts will never work. Trap deads at lower intensities are ok after a good recovery period however. Lunges never bothered me. Higher rep squats are better as oppose to heavier sets. Front squats being even better as less pressure on the spine. Making sure to stay as tight as possible during any movement. Any momentary lapse can cause a reoccurance. Also make sure to keep that core strong with lots of stability exercises. You will likely experience flair ups from time to time forever!!! I do at least. Its like herpes, never goes away.

Should have been more clear. I didn’t have herniated discs but an inguinal groin hernia.

[quote]pre04 wrote:
Should have been more clear. I didn’t have herniated discs but an inguinal groin hernia. [/quote]

doesn’t matter.

Advice above can be used.

At the end of the day, do what doesn’t hurt.


I assume a doctor did the surgery…Stay within the doctor’s guidance.

I had back surgery to repair herniated disc. Same type of procedure as yours. I didn’t do much immediately after surgery. Was football season and spent the season recovering, I’m a coach. But I was good to go after about 6 weeks.

Roughly 6 months post surgery was when I first started squatting and deadlifting. I hadn’t been able to do either for 5 years so I started slowly but by the end of the year I was doing both.

You are the only one that will know what and when you can do it. Start with machines and steadily add more in.

I had a bilateral laparoscopic hernia repair in November (2013) and I have been back in the gym for the past 6 weeks. I started very light, embarrassingly light. My doc told me I was fine to do any lift I wanted to at this point. She said “the goal is that the repair will allow you to function as normal, so lift.” She would have had me lifting 2 months after surgery but my body just wasn’t ready. At this point I squat, but do not deadlift. I’m not sure I ever will again due to personal fear of a blow out (literally).

Sometimes I get sore if my abs are used a lot during a lifting session, but it passes in a few days. I will say you will have a tough time finding info about lifting after hernia surgery, even though it is one of the most common surgeries in the world. Trust me, you can get back to where you were, it just takes time. I really don’t think about the repair much anymore. Let me know if you have any other questions. I’m no doctor but I have been in your position.

Thanks for that response. I’m 5 weeks out and my doc said no restrictions at the 6 week mark. Like you, I just don’t feel ready. Did you do upper body for a while before you started squatting again or did you reintroduce everything at the same time? And you are correct - very little helpful info to be found.

I actually found that squats felt better than laying flat on a bench. I started with very light squats and upright upper body moves. My bench still feels a bit weird when I lay that flat but it’s not pain just a weird feeling. When I work abs I will be very sore the next day. From what I have read it seems to be the breaking up of the scar tissue. Anyway, I went back to starting strength (minus the deadlift) for my first program back. Right now I am on 531 and it just feels a lot better to me.

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I’m pretty sure his back is fine. Hernia, not herniated disc.

I’m pretty sure his back is fine. Hernia, not herniated disc.