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Recent Gains in my Bench



 I'm not sure if you guys do this much but I had some recent gains in my bench that I'm pretty happy about.  I'm 6'3", 185lbs, and 38 years old and did 3x210, 3x225, 5x235(lbs).  One month ago I hit 3x195, 3x210, 4x220.  More importantly, big picture wise, 2 years ago at 170lbs I could do only 14 pushups.  

 Anyway, I've been hitting the gym pretty seriously for 3 months now, starting at 185 for 7 reps. My recent gains were a little more than expected and I think it has a lot to do with the So You Think You Can Bench videos that someone posted.  

 I'm hoping to hit a 1RM of 300lbs this summer and get a video of it because no one ever believes I'm as strong as I am....not that I'm anything amazing, but, as I said, I'm 6'3" 185lbs.

Thanks for reading.


300 by the summer? Have fun with that. I used to gain about 10 pounds a month on the bench until that hiatus came and it slowed down. I recently hit 300 after one year of training. Then again, my lock out is weak.

Grats on the gains (If that's what you were looking for)


Thanks...maybe 15lbs in a month isn't that amazing. I just didn't expect to keep improving this fast. I was at 1RM of ~225 in October. Now I'm hitting 235 for 5. Originally I was hoping to hit 300 by next Christmas. Now its looking like June or July might be realistic. Maybe sooner.


after watching those vids you turned the bench into more of a compound exercise.

those rapid gains that you made recently may very well be attributed primarily to technique changes and after you made those changes your bench progress is going to stall soon unless you gain a lot of weight especially since you're 6'3 and probably have really long arms. (work=force X distance) tall people with long arms usually do quite well with the deadlift

i know you know this but wanted to point it out so that you don't feel like you didn't do something right if you don't get to 300 anytime soon

going from 14 pushups to pushing 4 plates for reps in 2 years is excellent progress......keep "hitting the gym pretty seriously" and congrats on your recent gains


Hey, thanks! Yeah, I figured the technique gave be a big bump. I was hoping for about 5 lbs a month of gain and got 15. I don't expect to keep getting 15, but hey....I'm now 10 lbs closer to my goal than expected.

I've always been best at the bench. Don't know why, but I am nooooo deadlifter. I actually have short arms for my height and really long legs. I've got to lean over reeally far to get the bar past my knees on the way up.

Thanks again for the help and encouragement.


Whatever you're doing is working so keep doing it until it stops lol. Be prepared though, there will be a time when doing what you're doing now won't work anymore. This is usually a point of great frustration for most lifters. You can never be too sure you have it "figured out" because the body changes. The stuff that took my bench from 100-200 is different from what took me from 200-300. Now I'm trying to get to 400 and the stuff I did before doesn't work anymore.






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