Recent Feedback from 2 Urologists

I’ve recently moved to the Nashville area and I’m on a search to replace the doc I had in Georgia and really someone that can continue to help me dial in my protocol.

Current protocol: .3 (200mg) every 3rd day.

Doc 1: I think you are taking it too often. Most of my patients take a shot once a week. I’d like to test your levels. Levels come back at 1100 (36 hours after my shot) and everything else is good ranges. Even when I personally compare them to my numbers from previous tests in Georgia.

Doc 2: 1100 is way too high. When I treat TRT, our goal is to be at 400. 900 is the top range and you are well above that. I think you should do .3 every 4th or even every 5th day.

I’m 41, is 1100 too high? Is doc 2 right, should I scale back and get those numbers lower? I am on edge a lot lately and my mood has been down. Estradiol was solid this laser blood test.

I’m still looking for a doc but both these guys have me thinking I should scale back. I know most on here are pro inject more frequently to keep levels steady. Should I do every 2 days and go very low?

Overall I feel fine but I think I could be a lot better and scaling back may be something I look at doing.

Thanks for any feedback.

No, not at all.


By far, most guys take once weekly injections and do fine. But, if you would like to try more frequent dosing, also fine. If you feel better with more frequent injections, that is what you should do.

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Both docs sound like a waste. If your BP, lipids, CBC and quality of life are good, then run your T like you’ve been doing

I’d bet his patients still feel like shit at that level. Fuck that, if you feel good and you’re healthy, then stick to it.

Edit: This guy probably still thinks TRT causes prostate cancer

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I use Justin groce at the restore clinic and he is in Tennessee, might look into him. Very open minded and cares about how you feel.

One of his main concerns is that with test that high, my heart has to work harder and could lead to heart disease.

Not worth fooling with for a level of 400.
I’m assuming Dr 2 does not even lift.


The correlation between test levels and heart load is bullshit. Test mainly affects lipids, if anything at all.

I am typically on 150mg per week and test at 650 at trough. Everything looks very good.

I have done more, but all of my levels were good.

Thirty six hours post injection, you should be above 1100 depending on your protocol. Test C has a six day half life, so you can’t get a good read before six weeks. After six weeks, six days post injection, you should be between 600-1100.

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Even if that were true, his idea of “optimal” is where most guys start feeling like shit. To me that is a huge red flag

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Top end of the range right now. When I first started trt the top end of the range was 1,100. It just keeps moving further and further down. That isn’t because of some good science we’ve discovered, it’s mostly bureaucracy by people who make recommendations needing to look like they’re doing something.


I did at first, but after 6 months now I don’t notice any highs or lows on 200 cyp once a week. I think I was 650ish on trough day.

What a bunch of nonsense. 1100 is where the good stuff happens