Recent Competition and Goals

Just competed in KC’s Strongest Man and finished 3rd in LW. Wasn’t the best placing but I was happy with my performances. I came in very light (188) but deadlifted 525lbs ten times (11, but I didn’t wait for down call). Sucked at clean and press. Did about 500lb tire flips, and all times on 200lb farmers walks were close with me coming in third. This was my best showing in stones and should have put up the last one but I messed up on third stone and had to pick it up twice.

I will be doing a comptition in December (I did the same comp last year so it will be good to see how i’ve improved over the year). Events with goals are and (last years showing) are: Max log clean and press-250(220), 18" deadlift-700(600), stones -this year is keg loading(2 stones), max reps with 220 or 240 log-8 (4), farmers hold not sure on weights or time but I won my division last year.

I feel these are all within my reach. I also plan on training at a bodyweight of 205 and possibly 210 if I’m not too sloppy. Training will be three days, with a dual progression alternating weeks of volume or load and power. Event training once a week rotating events.

Feel free to comment, I just wanted to get this stuff down and public.

Nice job

Hope for the Holidays is up in two weeks. I have progressed well in the weight room but haven’t had much implement training as the guys I was training with have disbanded. Never quite made it up to 205, but 201 when full. My cleans and incline presses are stronger, not sure on my deadlift as performance has been inconsistent with it. But I’ll keep on chugging and relate my progress here.

Good Luck at Hope this year! I was there last year, won’t be making it this year.

Thank you! You did pretty well in the 200 open last year if I recall right. I was expecting some stiff competition from you, Sorry to hear you can’t make it.

Competed yesterday. I did ok, like fifth or somewhere not important. I did hit a log PR of 230. Sucked at incline log press with no reps. Only hit 600 on 18" deadlift, after farmers hold, which I was ok with my time since I didn’t really train that. Loading kegs was fun, almost put up the 300.

Anyways, back to the drawing board.