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Recent CNN Article: Bartendaz




Hey, it's better than the Wii Fit


I've seen some of their youtube videos, they do some amazing stuff.


That's awesome. They've got a positive message.


But I don't know about them talking bad about weightlifting.




Yeah, but we know bodyweight will only do so much. If one wishs to be better than that, they'll be lifting. Lifting takes you to the next level, then several more!

Some people are just slow to learn!


Keep telling urself that.


How was his statement wrong?


Have u ever been around gymnasts? Have u ever tried doing an iron cross???

Do that then you'll see what I am talking about.


"[You see] healthy competition and a lot of smiling going on, versus the aggression" involved in weight lifting, Yasin said. There's "nothing to talk about when you're lifting weights. They're dead serious."

What the fuck?


You're not making the same point. I didn't say advanced bodyweight moves weren't difficult, which you seemed to straw man me to say, but as far as gaining absolute strength and size, they WILL only get you so far.

Gymnasts have great relative body strength, but if that's not the goal you're going for...


Have u tried doing any of those moves in the video??? One guy was learning how to do a flag, that shit is insane hard.

I think ur getting a lil too hung up on on the whole "absolute strength", and other like terms.

one is either strong or not. Gymnasts are strong and flexible (if anything they may lack on the squat department, but not by much).

Powerlifting, strongman, Olympic Weightlifting, Gymnastics, etc are all sports that will make an individual VERY strong. Just a difference of going about it and more focus in some muscle groups than others.


"Strong" being a relative term is the only reason your argument exists. Gymnasts are also deficient by the standards of most on this website in much more than the squat department.


Very cool but I'll stick to my iron thank you very much. Which is not to say I do not do calisthenics, however there is no way I will ditch weights and do them exclusively.


I'm not getting "hung up" on terms, you are. Your argument is BASED on the word strength. Do you even read your own posts?. Fact: Most gymnasts are LIGHT guys, I doubt there are many that are near the 200 pounds mark because that would be detrimental towards their goals.

A very important aspect not realized here is that there is a relatively long learning curve on the advanced gymnastic exercises. Just because that fact alone, why would bodybuilders want most of their program to revolve around gymnastic exercises?

For hypertrophy, gymnastic exercises are not, and will never be, as effective as traditional exercises. Which is why the original statement of they will only take you so far is correct since I would think you wouldn't have to make it obvious when you post that he's referring to bodybuilding considering that this is a BODYBUILDING website.


Somebody is taking the internet super-serious tonight.

Personally, I wouldn't waste time arguing with someone that won't waste the time to write out complex words like "you" and "your."


Fuck yeah