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Recent Bloodwork at 8 Weeks. Looking for Insights

46M, 155lbs, 5’10".
40mg EOD Cypionate IM. 8 Weeks in.

Bloodwork below. Let me know if I’m missing anything as I might have it.

Current challenges:

  • Feeling winded on somedays
  • Not alot of energy eventhought I lift EOD and cycle on off days.
  • Sleep seems to be unrefreshing and it takes an hour to get back to sleep when I wakeup
  • Libido is up and down
  • Increased heart rate at certain points of the day
  • Some irritation and short temper

Not sure if the above is transitory or not but some of my levels look to be way too high. I’m not taking a lot of Test according to some but possibly I’m taking too much for my body to handle. I don’t like the Estradiol number… it looks really high and I’m not sure how I would bring that down. It looks like I could probably drop my Test dosage from 40mg EOD to 35 EOD or more?

Looking for recommendations if there are any. Thank you for your help in advance.

Current blood work (April 21st at 11:00am; before my dosage for that day)

Testosterone 50.7 (8.4 - 28.8 nmol/L)
Free T 1103 (196-636 pmol/L)
SHBG 47.4 (10.0 - 70.0 nmol/L)
Estradiol 329 (<162 pmol/L)
TSH 1.49 (0.32 - 3.00 miu/Li)
FT4 10 (9-19 pmol/L)
FT3 5.7 (2.6-5.8 pmol/L)
Prolactin 13.4 (4-19 ug/L)
Hematocrit 0.465 (0.400-0.500 L/L)

Your levels are high and you are having issues, lower the dosage. I doubt a 20mg reduction will be enough. I would drop your dosage to 30mg EOD, then retest in 8 weeks and see where you are.

Do you think it’s possible you could be over exerting yourself?

It’s definitely possible; I’ve been exercising pretty hard but I didn’t think that would have such an impact. Maybe it’s a combination of too much medication and too much exercising. I’m going to drop next dosage. 10mg seems like a big drop but it probably isn’t. Really hoping that I don’t feel like absolute sh*t… but I’d rather not get Gyno from this (is that possible this early in the game?) and lessening some of the other symptoms would be a good thing. Thanks.

I thought your dosage was always on the high side especially for an EOD protocol and knew trouble was ahead, I have also seen guys on excessive dosages make really small dosing changes and these guys take forever to dial-in.

Think about it for a second, your Free T is almost double the reference ranges and you are contemplating a 10mg reduction and think it’s a big drop. It’s not.

I think you’re right. It’s just when I look at 30mg over a 28 day period, that’s 420mg which is only 105mg / week. I’m currently taking 560mg over a 28 day period. That’s a drop of 140mg which seems like alot… Regardless, I probably should have stuck it out at 50mg E3D which was the original prescription. Unfortunately I got hung up on the “managing” Estrogen levels and keeping peaks and troughs as balanced as possible with an EOD protocol. Anyway I’ll be making the move downwards and we’ll see what happens over the next 8 weeks. Thanks.