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Hey, I wanted to incorporate your ab circuit into my training and I was wondering the best way to do it. I am starting a 5X5 program on monday with a monday, tuesday, thursday, friday split. Would it be better to do the circuit on off days or on training days. either way how many times a week? Thanks for the response,
:slight_smile: Groove


Dude, I’m pretty sure the article has this information. You do the circuit once a week on a non-weight training day. Someone on the forum asked if you could do the circuit on weight training day, but at a different time. Christian says yes, but on a day that you do not require major core activation. (squats, deads, cleans, etc.) Good luck w/ it bro, it’s a killer.

Groove, I think this was addressed in another thread. Christian’s response was that the circuit was to be done once per week.

In your case, I would perform the circuit on Wednesday, unless getting to the gym on that day is an issue. I suggest this becasue it is a demanding circuit, and working through it after you've trained other body parts may detract from how well you perform the movements, etc.

Hope this helps.

The answers you received are correct. I did indeed answer a question similar to yours a short while ago. I you plan on doing a 4 days split I recommend either one of the following:

DAY 1: Lower body

DAY 2: Upper body


DAY 4: Lower body

DAY 5: Upper body

DAY 6: Abs circuit


Or …

DAY 1: Upper body

DAY 2: Lower body

DAY 3: Abs circuit

DAY 4: Upper body

DAY 5: Lower body



Thanks guys. Sorry that this was answered in another thread. I searched, as thought it probably would have been, but the search function kept fucking up on me. Thanks for actually answering my question though, and not just flaming me.
:slight_smile: Groove

Could you breakdown your 4 day 5x5 split?

Sure no problem man.

Day 1
Incline bench
Bench press
Barbell curl
Reverse incline hammer curl

Day 2
Wide stance squat
Stiff legged deads
Hamstring curl
Standing calf raise

Day3 Ab circuit

Day 4
Dumbell overhead press
Bent arm lateral raise
Upright dip
California press

Day 5
Pull up(wide grip)
Row with ez curl bar(varying grips each set)
Wrist curl/extensions

This workout was suggested to me by John Roman. I also suggest reading other T-mag articles “Ripped rugged and dense” as well as Poliquins 1-6 principle if you are looking for good strength training programs.

Hope this helos,
:slight_smile: groove

I’d recommend doing it on saturday. (ie, day 6 of a 4x a week split) Why? Because it’s so brutal, it’s possible it might interfere with your lifting days. Further, that way you have 2 lifting days, then a break, then 3 days, and another break on sunday, rather than 5 continuous days. That’s what I’m doing, anyhow.