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Got all my maxes this week. These are fucking pathetic

18 years old
15% BF
5'9" (barely)

Bench - 205lbs
Squat - 385lbs
Deadlift - 375lbs

Concerns - Bench sucks ass for my size...and deadlift less than squat which seems abnormal. Im so fucking tired of looking alot bigger than these other kids...and benching less then them. I dont understand how a 155lb scronny 5'10" kid who barely benches pushes more almost 20lbs or more than me on bench when im twice his size. Someone explain this to me.


hey man, not too big a deal. the girls really dont mind what you bench, believe me. but think about locating the real problem.

is your nutrition where it should be?
are you putting in the time?
are you busting your ass while you're in the gym?

in my humble opinion, i think ya need to address those before maxing again.


Have you actually seen them do the lifts they claim? The majority of people overestimate their bench by 30 pounds.


Try training your chest on its own day. Also make sure your nutrition is good (post workout shakes def. help). If youve been in a rut get some new exercises or add pre exsauhst sets, supersets,trisets, or compound sets. The key thing above all is your consistany!!!


you're probably built to squat. that kid benching 20 lb. more, probably built to bench. as to squatting more than you deadlift, people who are built to squat can't deadlift as much as they can squat. just make sure you're doing as many rows as you are bench presses and use good form, train the squat with good form, and go heavy, then you'll earn the nickname "ox" in no time.


strength is primarily a neural characteristic!


strength is primarily a neural characteristic!


Yeah,your BP might be lagging a little, but I think the discrepency is caused more by the fact that your #'s on the dead and squat are pretty darn good for your size and age!


Try doing negatives to increase your bench. All you need is to put 225 on the bar ,and have someone spot you, and let them hand you the bar, and slowly lower the bar to your chest, and have them help you lift it back up. This will get your muscles used to feeling the heavier weight, and eventually you`ll be able to push it back up.


Technique may be an issue also. If you want to increase your bench 1RM, work on technique. Don't just flop down on the bench and start benching. There are a number of good articles on this site (and elitefts.com) that go into the technicalities of benching.

I can tell you from experience when my husband improved his technique, his benching not only improved but he stopped having problems with his shoulders.


so you know a guy 5'10" 155

benching 225, have you seen this??

5'10 155 is pretty damn thin to be doin g a 1.5X BW bench press


So your whole focus of this thread is that you don't believe it likely that a 155lb guy can bench press 225!!!

What gym do you work out in?


I lift weights at the JCC...no im not jewish but its cheaper and never crowded and all my friends go there..all my friends are jewish i dunno why. I hear the occassional "what the fuck are you doing?" from the rich jewish kids when i deadlift....but its all good.

I train chest, shoulders and triceps on the same day two times a week and focus most my energy on bench..incline bench..dips..military press and fit in what ever other isolation exercises i can get in after. I have seen the kids bench it...in fact i was at the high school gym with this kid James Elliot...i swear to god he is like the exact image of the tall scronny kid.

Hes atleast 6' and he weighs like 145lbs NOT EXAGERRATING. Anyway this kid puts up 245 on bench no joke easy. So yes i have seen him and a couple other kids alot smaller than me lift more than me. I dont even put nearly as much effort and time into leg training as i do my chest shoulder tri routine.

I do train legs twice a week as well though. My deadlift numbers have alot to do with my grip i think..I seemed to stop gaining weight as well lol..and i do eat alot (i know many people overestimate their eating but i really do eat alot).


i believe it, but i dont think it is normal. ive seen many 155lb guys bench a lot more tha 225, ive seen a lot of 5'10 guys bench 225. i havent seen a lot of 5'10 155 lb guys bench 225


Never confuse training for hypertrophy with training for maximal strength. I'm the biggest guy at my gym but there's probably 100 people that can out bench me. I've never been concerned directly with strength lifts but in time they do build up naturally. If powerlifting is your goal train for it. There are many great articles that can help you on this site. I know this next sentence is gonna piss off a lot of people but oh well. Strength is impressive in the gym but size is impressive everywhere.


I see people shooting off random advice which is all well and good but rather pointless without knowing a little about your training.

The main things:

How long have you been seriously training?

What kinds of gains have you made?

what does your training currently look like?


Seriously training for about 6-7 months...and when i say seriously i mean thats all i think about all day..is what to eat and what im gonna do in the gym. My routine has alot of volume which most people here seem to be against...i dont understand why if i get it done within an hour.

Monday - Legs
Squats - 3(sometimes 4-5 sets) x 8
Deadlifts - 3x6-8
Leg Press - 3x8
Calf raises - 3x as many as i can do

Tuesday - Chest Shoulders Triceps
Flat Bench - 3x8
Incline Bench - 3x8
Incline Dumbbell Flyes - 3x10-12
Weighted Dips - 3x8
Skull Crushers - 3x10-12 (superset close grip)
Shoulder Press - 3x8
Shrugs - 3x10-15
Side Raises - 3x10

Wednesday - Back Biceps
Pullups - 3xas many as possible
Bent over rows - 3x8
Lat pulldown - 3x8
Barbell curls - 3x8-10
E-z bar curls - 3x8-10

Thursday - Off

Friday - Legs

Sat - Chest SHoulders Triceps

Sun - Back Biceps

I dont count calories or grams of protein..i just eat all day and try to eat as many things high in protein as possible. Im getting confused tho...people are saying if your main goal is hypertrophy..then train for it..if its stength then train for that. I dont really understand how to train for either no matter how many articles i read. It seems the more i read on this site..the less i know. One trainer recommends high reps for hypertrophy and the other recommends low reps...If thats the case then how do you train for stength as opposed to hypertrophy and vice versa if training methods are being intertwined?


your obviously a beginner and confused by alot of training ideas. My best suggestion is pick a workout that looks good to you from this site and use it for at least 6-8 weeks... then pick another. You will get a much better understanding of the training ideas and how they work by actually using them. I made the mistake of making my own programs for the first year or so... then I started reading everything and actually doing some of the different routines out there and after a couple years of that I am confidant with my own program.


"My routine has alot of volume which most people here seem to be against...I don't understand why if I get it done within an hour."

"If that's the case then how do you train for strength as opposed to hypertrophy and vice versa if training methods are being intertwined?"

Just to give you a bit of a primer on core training principles: if you want to get stronger, lift more weight fewer times. (i.e. lift your 5RM for 5 reps for 5 sets). If you want to get more endurance, lift less weight more times. (i.e. lift your 15RM for 15 reps for 3 sets) Finally, if you want to grow bigger, (hypertrophy) lift something in-between. (i.e. lift your 10RM for 10 reps for 3 sets)

The full-story is a bit more complicated than this, but that's the basic idea here. Most T-Nation guys are going for strength, so they'll probably tell you you're doing too much volume. That and this tends to be a rather advanced site, so often people ignore the why's behind the program.

From the looks of your program, you're on a classic bodybuilder style program, and there's nothing wrong with that, but if you want to up your bench, you might want to search around for a powerlifting style training program. A program geared for strength training will get you stronger faster than a bodybuilding one.

My key point here is this: Figure out what your goals are and find or design a program to get to those goals. Anyone who tries to tell you how you should lift without prefacing it with "If your goal is ____, then you should follow this program...." should be ignored. Far too many writers nowadays make blanket statements about training that really only apply to certain subsets.

That said, those are pretty damn good number for lifting only 6 months.