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ReCell at Home


I was told this would be better asked here.

I really do not think this belongs here but, believe I could get the best advice from you all, especially BBB who mentioned interest in harvesting PRP himself. BBB or anyone who may be familiar, would it be possible to harvest skin cells to be applied to scarred areas? I have read much on it and would like to know if it can be done since it is not available in the USA.

Link: http://www.avitamedical.com/...p?ob=1&id=7


After researching PRP, I came across this procedure as well and thought that I could do it at home also. Here is a video:

The ReCell Packaging is just marketing (portable), I have seen and heating up trypsine myself in class, no need to have that fancy box. Part of me thinks that this will work better/cheaper for what I want to try (check PRP thread) but, it will be harder to convince someone to let themselves have a skin biopsy taken.

I have seen ReCell used for acne scarring in combination with Fraxel Re:pair it worked great.






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