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Receiving Juice


Hello Nation,

I have some gear coming in and it has been "Inbound into customs" since May 1st. I know that this is normal as it happened to my other order but it did not take this long in order to clear. So far it has been 5 days and no update. If my gear does get seized will it show on the USPS tracking or will it stay as Inbound Into Customs and I wont know until I receive the letter which could come a month after confiscation. I am on the East Coast.

Thank You!


if it's been in customs 5 days it's gone, sorry man.


Fuck bro, at least my supplier is willing to do a re-send if it does in fact get confiscated. Has anyone experienced longer successful waits? What really bothers me is that the timing for this cycle was going to fit in perfectly.


I've seen my stuff sit in customs for 3 days before, but not 5. It's also packaged in a very discreet manner.

That sucks about the timing, but at the very least, if you do get a confiscation letter, at least your source will resend your stuff. That's not always the case.


Is it maybe a busy time considering mothers day is coming up or something along those lines? :'(!!!!

Oh well, lets just hope for the best!

Thanks for the responses guys!


If it does come through, don't open the package for a few weeks, you could be getting a controlled delivery.


What do you mean by controlled delivery?

Sorry I don't understand.


Means you open it then you get raided/arrested.


fuck. Might as well forget about it, if it does come through I am going to throw it away.


The likelihood of it being a controlled delivery is pretty small unless you put in a gigantic order, still don't think it's going to come at all though but if it does I wouldn't throw it away. Just write "return to sender" on the package and let it chill for a week or so.


I am super extra mega pissed on the fact that I will probably not receive this order. How long does a customs letter usually take to arrive?
On another note, I have read countless other cases in which orders have been over a week "inbound into customs", and then arrive.



I wouldn't throw it away. Just let it chill like they said. Chances are low unless you are getting way more than 1 cycle worth...

On the other hand, this is why I like domestic better, even though sometimes international prices are too tempting.


How does that help?


They have to prove you knew what you are receving. If you open it and then don't immediately throw it away or take it to the police then its a fair assumption you knew what you were receving. You guys have it bad in the states.


lol that shit doesn't work, rick collins even wrote about that.

Anyways to address the OP, I have had shit arrive over 2 months after i ordered it when it is supposed to arrive in 3 weeks. I had all but given up hope but I found it there in my P.o. box.

If I am feeling especially paranoid ill order my next cycle as im beginning my first, and just let my next one sit in my P.o. box for a month...no way in hell is the fed going to wait that long. I figure as long as the post office doesn't call me telling me there "is something wrong with my package" then I am clear to pick it up.

my current post office doesn't even have me sign for shit or show ID..im pretty fortunate.


Good news guys, today at 6am it updated to inbound out of customs. I should be receiving my tropicana tomorrow or monday :slight_smile: FUCK YES!

I am going to write return to sender and let it chill but the temptation is going to kill me, let's see how long I resist.


How else would you make it look like you aren't going to open it? if I had my shit sit in customs for 2 weeks and then received it, I'd try to make it look like I was going to return it and not open it even if just for appearances sake.


That trick used to work but LE caught on pretty quick...there was an odd correlation between steroid deliveries and "return to sender" notes.

How else you say? well, like I suggested, getting a box and letting the steroids sit in there for a while.. if LE is trying to bust you they will contact you about your package pretending to be the post office.

but to be honest, unless you are buying powders or large amounts of AAS all at once, there is a HUGE probability that you will just receive a letter.


Nice. TBH it hasn't been sitting long enough to be fishy, I'd open it myself and not be worried. But that's your call, maybe give it a day or two unless you need to use it ASAP.


I have so many questions. What to do.