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Received the Wrong Test

Hey guys, I cruise at 200mg test C per week (my TRT dose). I recently put in an order of 2 vials of test C and my order arrived and I received one vial of test c and one vial of sust. My question is how can I dose the sust to mimic the 200 mg of test c per week or are they so different that this is impossible. With the delay in shipping I am worried I may use my vial of test C and have to rely on the sust. Any suggestions?

Hurry up and contact your supplier and include photos of their screwup. They should send out a replacement ASAP. Is this prescribed TrT?

No, self administered. I contacted them and I am sure they will ship another vial of test c. I was emergency planning in case it does not arrive in time. Overseas shipping is really delayed.

Do you feel better with test c over e? I personally can’t tell a difference, and test e is usually dosed at 250 mg/ml vs 200 mg/ml for test c. Every supplier I’ve seen has them for the same price, so I made the switch. If you buy 4 bottles of test e, it will last as long as 5 of test c.

so you only ordered two vials , thats all you would have had total if correct order came ??? you should be stocked up for a year at least

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Once every 7-10 days will put you close. Yes, the whole 250.

10 ml vial of test 250- I use 200 a week, so one vial lasts something like 13 weeks. The shipping can take a couple months right now. So I have one vial of test c and one vial of sust 250. I have about 13 weeks of test C.

So 1 ml (250mg) every 7-10 days?

Yes. Should be close to the same levels. Every two weeks put me at 479 at trough, but I actually liked it better than 650 on test C. It of course depends on the individual metabolism a little, but the short esters are nice on the front end.

Thank you sir. I imagine even if they send my the test C I ordered, I wouldn’t want to waste the sust. At worst I can save it for a blast later.

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