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Received Stem Cell Treatment in Joints, AMA


I love to talk about stem cells for treating orthopedic problems. If you have any questions about this quantum leap in medical knowledge which 99% of our so-called doctors still know nothing about, AMA.




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Belligerent, why don’t you just tell us your experience?


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I guess I’ll bite. Which joints were treated? What was their status pre-treatment? What is their condition now? How much did it cost? Where did you have it done? What type of cells did they use and where did they harvest them from? Did you have any IV injections? Would you recommend it?

Y’know, tell us about your experience, if you please.


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How did it effect you?


Was this covered by insurance? Stem cells have been used for over a decade to treat chronic/degenerative diseases successfully. Just not in the U.S. as markets are protected for the “healthcare” industry Can’t have people getting better as it will translate to less profits and that is what’s important.


I actually had stem cell treatment in my left rotator cuff, not covered by insurance but paid for through my sports athletic budget. It did help a ton. I eventually did have to have labral surgery on that shoulder but rotator cuff has been great.


It was actually the original post that was brought to you by Initiative 502.


The joints I had treated were:

-C1-C2 facets
-lumbar facets (I forget which level)
-R sacroiliac joint
-R shoulder
-all finger joints on R hand
-R hip
-R knee
-bilateral ankles
-bilateral subtalar joints
-bilateral 1MPTs

The pre-treatment status of these joints was that they had early-stage osteoarthritis that was disproportionately painful and limiting. The results were that all joints got very significant pain relief, and some responded dramatically with clear signs of cartilage regeneration. I still need more treatments, but the procedure was life changing.

The cells used were mesenchymal stem cells harvested from my bone marrow and expanded in culture. I received infra-articular injections only, no IV injections.

I got the proceedure in the Cayman Islands and paid $33,000. My costs were high due to needing to treat so many joints; patients treating fewer sites would pay less.

I would highly recommend stem cell treatment to people with orthopedic problems, but only with Regenexx providers as the field is crawling with both charlatans and providers who just don’t know what they’re doing. Do not work with anyone who administers IV stem cell injections for orthopedic purposes or uses anything other than cells derived from your own bone marrow or fat.


Not covered by insurance and not allowed in the United States thanks to the abomination that is the Food and Drug Administration. In 3-5 years we will likely have FDA-approved stem cell “drugs” covered by insurance, although these will be inferior products based on allogeneic (donor) cells rather than a patient’s own cells and approved only for narrow indications. The FDA has destroyed our ability to use our own cells as medicine in this country.


Done at the behest of Big Pharma to protect markets for them and for them to keep their monopoly status. All the while the public suffers. How moral and ethical. And to think their are people in this forum who support these policies.