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Received Stem Cell Treatment in Joints, AMA


I love to talk about stem cells for treating orthopedic problems. If you have any questions about this quantum leap in medical knowledge which 99% of our so-called doctors still know nothing about, AMA.




Enjoy your cortizone injections and eventual spinal fusion surgery.




@alex_yu i think everyone’s thinking that


How the hell do you smoke stem cells?


Smoke the Buds, not the stems!

Remember Snoop,

Smoke some with your dog, no stress, no seeds, no stems, no sticks!


Through a big pumpkin hookah.


You’re a derelict for even suggesting it.


Belligerent, why don’t you just tell us your experience?


I’d like to hear it too.


I guess I’ll bite. Which joints were treated? What was their status pre-treatment? What is their condition now? How much did it cost? Where did you have it done? What type of cells did they use and where did they harvest them from? Did you have any IV injections? Would you recommend it?

Y’know, tell us about your experience, if you please.