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Received Micellar Casein Grow! Today!!

Ya know whats awesome?

today in the mail I received 6 tubs of micellar casein Grow!, bottle of Power Drive, bottle of Maximum Strength HOT-ROX, and two T-nation t-shirts.

All of this cost me 274 bucks, with 50 of that being shipping (which converts to 340 CDN). Now, lets compare what I got to the price I would have paid if I ordered the exact same stuff from a “discount” nutrition place in Canada.

6 tubs original Low Carb Grow!: 299.94
1 bottle Power Drive: 44.99
1 bottle ORIGINAL HOT-ROX: 79.99

Total with tax: $431.93 AND I didnt even get any cool t-shirts!

Now, I know I have been a pest and complained in the past about the outrageous shipping costs, but I take it all back. This is my second time ordering straight from Biotest and all I can say is thanks a ton!

Not only did you save me almost 100 bucks even with the 50 bucks shipping, but I’m getting the newest versions of supplements as opposed to the stuff that is discontinued.

So, to that I say CHEERS!

Thanks again T-nation!!!

I didn’t think they were even gonna start shipping the new Grow until tommorrow(12-6-04), hopefully that means my order will show up sooner than I expected, although I don’t think they’ve even charged my credit card yet.