Received Different Gear

Hey guys. I have planned to start my 2nd cycle in a few weeksâ?? time.

I decided to go with a simple Test E cycle with a kicker.
1-4 30mg dbol
1-10 500mg test E

I received my gear and it is not what I ordered.
Instead of test E I received a testblend which contains 30mg/ml prop 100mg/ml test cyp and 120 mg/ml test e. Instead of dbol I received anavar tabs.

So how do you suggest i set this up?

Test blend 250 mg E3D
And throw in anavar in at the end instead at the start?

or should i try to sell the stuff / throw it in the bin?

Since Anavar is more costly than D-bol, it was most likely an honest mistake.

You can keep the cycle the same, but up your anavar dosage if you have enough to run it. Its “cleaner” than D-bol in my opinion. You may like it better.

Pin the test eod

pin the test EOD, run the orals at the end of your cycle

Thanks for the anwsers!
Well I was hopping not having to pin EOD, but I just gonna stop being a pussy!
You would still go for 10 weeks so every pin is about 0.66 ml?