Received Bunk Gear. What To Do?

Hey y’all,

Idk if I’m supposed to mention sources or labs here but basically I got bunk test. The source is pretty reputable but the lab has mixed reviews. What do y’all think my best bet would be at this point to get a refund or replacement or something? Or should I just take the L and accept my money went down the drain

Contact the source and tell them you have an issue. They should be willing to get you a replacement. Most of the reputable guys are pretty good about keeping customers happy.

how do you know it’s bunk? did you get it tested?

There’s no fucking way I’d ever ask for a refund when buying something illegal. That’s crazy talk to me. But I guess it can’t hurt?


Nope, there’s no discussing sources/labs/brands. As long as you avoid naming names, you should be good.

Right - has it been tested? Can you provide the test results

Yes I used the labmax testing kit to test it at home bcs I wasn’t feeling the test at all and it turned out to be bunk man

Ya no names lol you prob know who I’m talking about

Yeah, uh, sounds like/rhymes with/“has the initials” are also a no-go.

I would tell the supplier about it, send your results, and get new product sent at their expense. If they’re unwilling I’m sure there are numerous sites you can post the info to and mess up their business. Also request free additional product for your issues.


I messaged them this morning haven’t heard back.
Can u pm me and tell some sites I could post on if they don’t deal with my situation?

Meso has a pretty substantial underground forum where you can freely discuss sources. That’s your best bet as far as getting info on sources and labs.

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No pm on the site but if you put your email in your bio people are able to reach you if they chose to

I know of a few. SOME Individuals have an email address in their bio (hint hint)


I’d love to know who it is. Email me for sure.

I know who he means and they’ve had some, um, questionable results from various anonymous tests performed by the go-to tester in the EU. But they’ve also had perfect tests. So who knows?

A lot of these UGLs have “official” resellers for their distribution. Basically it’s a way to separate the manufacturer from additional charges when law enforcement does a control buy. I am willing to bet whomever you purchased from is not an “official” reseller. The other side of the coin from separating the manufacturer from selling is someone else has to handle customer service along with end user satisfaction. In other words the manufacturer gets to blame the seller and the seller gets to blame the manufacturer. Either way someone should step up and make it right.

The 'official" reseller thing is supposed to help keep fakes and knock off products off of the market. In theory it should do that but in practice it is all to easy for someone to put “official” on their site and sell fake, knock off, under dosed or flat out GSO in a bottle. You are supposed to be able to check the manufacturer"s site for a list of resellers but they never seem to have the list available.

The blame game aside be prepared to deal with them claiming the bottle is still good because they just substituted test cypionate for test enanthate or something like that. That actually might be something you should check because a LOT of UGLs substitute one ester for another. If they get a deal on test isocaproate because it has been sitting in a whare house for a year then they will buy it and bottle it however they think they can sell it.

Be prepared to have to email them numerous times. If possible point out that you are a returning customer. Point out you have friends that all like the products thus far but this situation could urge them to explore other options. I would do my best to be as polite yet firm as possible. There is no need to tell them to go fuck themselves until it’s the third or fourth email and even then assume once that happens you will definitely not get a replacement.

All that aside if the seller is relatively established and has a decent volume of sales then it is in their best interest to keep you happy and coming back. You just might have to hold their feet to the fire when they blame the manufacturer.

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