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Received Anonymous Rose, Chocolates, Bear. Need Advice

I had a delivery person bring a rose dipped in gold, a box of chocolates and a singing teddy bear…my husband answered the door and no sender or card just addressed to me. He trusts me but is not a happy camper…any advice on how to get him to chill. I’ve never cheated on him…

Damn. I’d be pissed too…he will chill in time. Hopefully your secret admirer doesn’t cause anymore trouble. The seed of mistrust is planted…he has to have time to get over it.


Let him eat the chocolates. Chocolate is magic

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Throw all of it away in the garbage can outside.


Any known prankster in your life? My boyfriend would do that, say it is not him just to see call some friends and give them shit. All while he laugh his head off

I saw those advertised and I thought who the hell would buy that? I am sorta happy that my initial guess isn’t that far removed from the type that do buy it.

@EyeDentist is on the money, once again. I probably wouldn’t talk about it in a curious way.

  • I wonder who sent those… <-- very bad
  • I’m concerned about the type of creep who would do that… <-- better

This! And who the hell would want it?

Yeah I threw away, but for a long time he would make little sarcastic remarks. If situation was reversed I’d be pissed too. As I told him everyone knows I hate gold, two I am a chocolate snob, and three came from a notbso good family and remember when I was 11 my dad came to visit bringing a teddy bear, and I thre it at his face cuz teddy bears don’t hug back and you can’t buyback what you’ve done to me. I pointed also pointed out he knows I hate flowers cuz I had to tend to my mom’s elaborate rose garden when I lived with her. Roses are a pain in the ass.

So, after he simmered down he got all lovey doves and didn’t go to his game because he wanted to spend more time with me. He did get a wee bit angry but I would be, too.

Damn, I thought you would like the teddy and chocolates :anguished:


@Irishman92 LMAO real smooth :joy::joy:

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mystery still unsolved…was about to go to gym and he just said no why don’t we do something together like go to Home Depot cuz I know you want more shelving…

Have you offered to put a gps tracking device on your car?

Classic Thread: GPS Tracked my Fiance

I tried to link it here, but I only have my phone and could only get it to link specific individual comments from the thread.


While I applaud the reference, OP has not been around long enough to get this joke, lol.

Link original thread for lolz.

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Now might be a great time to update door locks, install cameras around the house and take a few SD classes with your husband. Would you consider carrying? Secret admirer and stalker aren’t too far apart in the adult world.

This would also show your husband the romantic gifts from dbag unknown weren’t welcome. Plus you’re going to home despot anyway.

Sounds like he doesn’t want you going to the gym now… that could cause problems. Does he work out? Or is this a honeymooners scenario with a fit wife and a… less fit husband?

Being a fan of M. Night Shyamalan, I’d put a GPS tracker on myself to make sure that one of my other selves wasn’t sending me flowers/stalking me.


Yeah creepy!

I have my chl. The case makes it look like a day planner. Also, one of my dogs is extremely protective of me. I’m going to have to change my schedule around though. I have an alarm system, and two dog :dog: alarms, too. Haha, I took self defense as a kid when living with my dad. I know how to defend myself…but guys are a lot bigger. Almost makes me want to feel codependent.

Oh I’m the fit one but he’s big 6 4 plays some old fart sports but not exactly in the best of shape but intimidating and very protective

The direction of that comment about him working out was that if you’re getting unwanted attention from guys now, he may interpret you going to the gym and getting even better as attention seeking behaviour (which you hinted at in the OP).

Obviously if he was a gym rat too he’d understand your desire to lift.