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Received an Astronomical Test Result Switching to Testogel. Any Ideas?

Hi everyone, I switched from test E around christmas to Testogel as I was sick of injecting. When I was injecting (150 mg per week) I usually received testosterone levels of around 30 nmol/l (865 ng/dl). I’ve just got my first test result back from being on Testogel using 3 pumps a day and my testosterone levels have shot up to 520 nmol/l (15000 ng/dl). Has there been a mistake on the test? I just can’t understand it…

Also my oestradiol levels are within range and I’m not on an AI which seems strange.

I’m sure it’s perfectly accurate.

I predict that you will win the Mr. Universe title next year.

I don’t trust those labs, I would retest. Now if these tests were mine, I would probably believe it.

I’ll probably be living up a tree next week

Yeah I better get on to them… can’t be right

years ago i was on androgel, two packets a day and my results were:

Did you retest Rabbit? Or do we have skin like sponges? lol

It was a fill in doctor that put me on the androgel after my own dr refused treatment. when my own dr returned from his sabbatical, he ceased all treatment and took me 5yrs and a switch of Dr to get back on TRT. For reference, my 20mg daily injections gets me:
E2 256 (about the same)
TT 36.3 (half of what gel got me)
FT 976 (a third of where i was on gel)

Two months later after being cut off, my levels were tested again and not surprisingly:

and that’s around where i hovered for 5yrs of being told i was in the range and fine

That’s about where I was on injections Rabbit. I am only using 3 pumps of testogel which is around 60mg of testosterone and I believe 2 sachets of androgel is 100mg. I just can’t work out how you being on approximately half my dose yet my indicated testosterone level is over 5 times yours?

Damn… I bet you felt crap after being cut off

Did you have gel on the site they took the blood draw from???

That’s what I was going to say. Don’t put gels or creams on your arms or anywhere on your body that can transfer it to your arms.