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Receding Hairline


Ah the joys of being a man, Testesterone levels are not only a blessing but a curse. Damnit.

So: whose hairline is receding, since when and what did you do about it?


Since 22, maybe 23. Haven't done a damn thing about it so far.

My relatives sent me some generic Propecia from overseas but I haven't taken it yet. Not sure I want to (would hate to deal with sides).

Bad genes, man. And all my friends tell me not to shave my head. Wonderful!


Not mine.


Since about 21 I was losing hair. 24 now.

Did what any self respecting male would do and shaved it all at the start of the year. I don't care how crap you may look bald, it will always look better than a comb-over or a man who thinks he can fight genetics.

I admit taking the plunge was hard though.


they have shampoos for that.


Fuck it. Shave it.




every male on my father's side of the family had a conspicuous bald spot, and drastically receding hairline by now (I'm 28)I don't though. so it must be true about hair genes coming from the mother's side I suppose.


This. Embrace it my friend.


I have a hairline like Sting.
My hair's long, so it doesn't show... unless I'm heading into the wind.

Fuck if I'm shaving it off already. I'm not abandoning ship until it's under the waves.




I would recommend staying away from Propecia/Avodart/etc...they can really screw with your mood, among other things. Blocking nearly all DHT production in your body to protect your scalp seems a bit extreme.

2% Nizoral shampoo is a topical DHT inhibitor that works to prevent further hair loss. Its pretty cheap and a bottle lasts a long time.


Hair loss is genetic. It is an X-linked gene, inherited from your mother, and does not depend on testosterone levels.

And don't curse your mother, either.


I used to have a full head of hair.. until I turned 30 then I started to notice hair loss. I tried nizarol, propecia, you name it. In the end I relized that Im damn good looking bald so I shaved it.


Started to notice it when I was 18. Since then, I've worn a hat literally everyday (just too lazy to do anything with my hair) and it has made it worse. Looks like I'll continue to wear a hat.


I started losing mine at about 19. I'm 31 now and I said to hell with it and shaved it a couple of months ago. I figured I'd rather be completely bald. Dont want to look like some of these guys who are living in denial.


Fuck it.


I have thinned a little, but I am much better off than my dad was. He was bald by 23, while I think I got more of my grandfather's hair. You can shave it, or if you do really want to keep your hair, you can do the protocol of Propecia + Rogaine + hair restoration proceduare (transplant). It will cost you some $$$, also hair cloning is within 5 years of being completed. A company called InterCytex out of the UK has all the patents and is leading the technology behind it.


It is. My mother has 8 brothers, ALL who are completly bald. Family photos are kind of funny haha.


Yep. Shave it off. Best decision ever.

I started thinning around 22-23. I had long curly hair at the time when I noticed it so I began to start cutting it shorter and shorter. I buzzed it all off in 2001 (I was 26) and then in 2005 I started using the HeadBlade. Love it!

Also, it's not necessarily from your mother's side of the family. That's a myth. It comes from whichever side is genetically more dominant. In my case, it was my father's side of the family.