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Reccomendation For PWO Shake


Hey guys,

I'm trying to find something to add to my post workout shake that will increase the carb content. I have been thinking of two choices:


I already eat oatmeal and am looking for some variety, let me know if you have an opinion on either for the PW Shake.



Why not dextrose/maltodextrin or even table sugar?

Or just eat some carbs after the drink.


I generally prefer 'food' over powders.

My understanding is that this is sucrose (50% fructose/50% glucose). I'd prefer a different sugar source. I had thought that the sugar in grapes/raisins was of a different type then other fruits but I could be wrong and had no solid information on it.

I like just having a huge shake and then heading out the door to work.



I use a dried sweet potato product in my PWO shakes - Yammit! by Jay Robb. I have the same preference as you for 'food' over maltodextrin. Tastes great.


Do you have tinned creamed rice at your supermarket? It works brilliant in blended shakes. Sugar, milk proteins and well cooked white rice. I will be adding it to my postworkout meals as the volume of my workouts increase over the next month.