Recap, Starting Cycle

I finally recieved my gear about ready start next week.

500 mg Test E Sun & Thur
Arimidex EOD .05
Novaldex two weeks after last pin

Diet is ready to go…

Am I missing anything ? Anymore suggestions , this is also 1st cycle

6’1 220 lbs
11 % body fat

.5mg Arimidex EOD.

Do you mean 500mg/week, injecting Sunday and thursday or do you mean 500 on each day?

Im assuming you mean 500/ week, and in that case maybe try adex at 0.25 mg EOD first.

250 twice a week …

change in plans now gonna run Prop eod for 10 weeks , I’m assuming same ADex eod and Novaldex a bit earlier, couple days after last pin.

How soon should I start feeling effects? I’m three shots in 100 eod. I’m actually more tired, coukd possibly overtime @ work.