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Suffered an AC joint injury due to blunt force trauma in early December. One doc said I’d be fine in two weeks, another said 1mo, and the third said 3months. Third was an orthopedist, and I have a follow-up appointment next week. No MRIs were taken by any doctor, so it is difficult to judge the severity. I feel well now, but I’m not going to push it yet.

Of course, I have a bump where the clavicle now protrudes. My shoulders are even, however, and my arms still hang at equal length. Fingertips are equal when raised overhead. As of now, the only movements that cause pain are dumbbell flys and shrugs.

I am taking recovery slowly, as much as I hate to not go full bore. I’m not going to ask for any diagnosis/prognosis over the internet, but rather help planning to and exceed my prior size and strength.

Numbers before injury:

Height: 6’4" Weight: 225lbs

Decline Bench: 225lbs 6x3
Squat (below parallel): 295lbs 6x3
Dead: 315lbs 6x3

I had not tested any maxes in a while, but I’m sure you can infer from the given figures. Sorry, I know these numbers are nothing impressive. If you would like numbers on any other lifts, don’t hesitate to ask.

Now, I weigh 215lbs. I have lost both fat and muscle- I have been told that I look noticeably smaller, even fully clothed. I have had to do most things with my right arm over the past month, and accordingly my left forearm/bicep is about 75% of the right’s size. I have done very little upper body/back work this month, so everything above the waist is considerably smaller and weaker. I used to be somewhat big and strong, but used-to-bes don’t make no honey and I should focus on the future.

The leg press has been my best friend this month, although I’m not sure that the actual size has increased much. Also, my transmission blew out about two weeks ago and I have been riding a bike everywhere. My legs are already fatigued when I get to the gym, so I have shortened my workouts.

Feel free to comment with your experiences and advice on routine, diet, correcting size asymmetry, etc. Thank in advance for the help

Can provide pre-injury workout scheme if needed.