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Rebuilding the Digestive System


I would like to know if anyone has the knowledge, experience, or expertise pertaining to the digestive system.

When things weaken,like motility, enzymes, bile, absorbtion. The whole body suffers. Yes even those precious hormones.

When enzymes and acidopholus don't make much of a difference what can be done?
what ive gathered:

Pathogens will inhibit repopulation of goodbacteria despite even the best of em. This will lead to leaky gut, which also cant be treated until infections are improved.

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies that relate to digestion, from contractions all the way down to stomach acid,your own bodies enzymes, bile etc.

I also read that spinal impingements can cause problems to. Not sure how relative this is.

The role Adrenals and Thyroid play in digestion and how to completely rebuild those

How to completely restore you digestion? I remember poliquin once wrote it takes four months to acomplish this.

The problem is the body is not absorbing supplements very well when in a state of dysbiosis. So this further complicates things


If you're looking to rebuild your Immune system/digstive system naturally pm me.


Anyone else got any info?


One thing that's not mentioned enough, is the waistband + belt on our pants, which can either overstimulate bowels or cut-off the movement.

When something needs doing, I'll usually go out a notch on the belt, or maybe pop that button on the fly. Too bad stretchy waistbands are so non-chic, haha


I am trying to figure out what you want exactly considering that most of what is cited here don't make much sense.

The part about infection and gut absorption is true, but that pertains to real malabsorption inducing infections that give you diarrhea, steatorrhea and the likes.

There are not thousands of vitamin/mineral deficiencies induced by malabsorptions and they are either temporary (gastroenteritis for example, some medications...) or due to a pathological process of which you should see the effects by now (like anemia or secondary to a digestive problem like gallbladder removal and reduced fat-soluble vitamin absorption or diseases like ulcerative coleitis or Crohn's disease or Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Or even like drinking lots of milk when you are lactose intolerant.

The nerve impigement (at the spinal level) is not actually true, but nerve damage through diabetic neurophaties, strokes, degenerative neurological diseases a la Parkinson's disease, GI surgery, lupus, some medications, anorexia/bulemia and others can induce states of gastroparesis. So either you correct the underlying problem, which is not always possible or you take medication that increases motility/secretion. But spinal readjustments won't help for these kinda things.

Adrenals, thyroid, rebuild. It really does not work like that. Unless you are putting your body through insane amounts of physical and psychological with the added use of cortisol promoting agents, there really is little way for you to ''destroy'' your adrenals. Again, either you would have too much or too little glucocorticoid, mineralocorticoid, adrenal steroids or adrenaline, any of which (execpt the adrenal steroids, cause for a man they are really not that important) you would clearly know if there was a problem. They give physiologically evident signs.

Thyroid, I see a lot of people talking about that. Except for getting a sufficient amount of iodine, like that found in iodized table salt, nothing else is warranted. Either you have hyper or hypothyroid, most of which cannot be rebuilt (unless the hypothyroidism is due to iodine deficiency, at which point you would have a goiter if this ''deficiency'' was in any way significant).

As for dysbiosis, this is not a medically recognized state or term yet(beyond the possibility of infection overrunning your bacterial flora and making you clearly sick) like in gastroenteritis or with Helicobacter Pylori for ulcers (then again, many people live very well with H. Pylori in their flora, so it really is not dysbiosis, but is due to other concurrent factors). Beyond that dysbiosis is just a term for a theoretical concept, which at presents, has very little evidence behind it.

Malabsorptions problems, symptomes ,diagnosis, and treatment.

Leading article Dysbiosis in IBD. Argument discussion.

Look out for those less than reputable sites trying to say that you can rebuild whatever organ or take emerging concepts in medicine that lack any evidence and then say that this is the cause that you are feeling X,Y,Z. Also, sites that tend to show that all the symptoms that one person experience in life is due to that concept are usually dangerously flawed.



Too bad Matt Furey isn't a member of this site. His Furey Fat Loss program was really good in that it restored good digestion as a by-product of the program. I tried it, and it worked well for me. Doing vacuums and taking fish oil were a piece of that program, and that alone still helps me out.