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Rebuilding/Post Fracture

I suffered a compound fracture last year (tib/fib). My recovery has been slow and painful but progressing. I have recovered about 95% of my mobility. 40 lbs. later, I am starting to make my return to working out and moderate PT. My primary goal is to run again. It hurts but that is expected, the good news is there is no flaring.

I was wondering what are some good bone/joint rebuilders that forum readers have used that have helped them. I am also wondering if Flameout would help at all.


I can’t actually suggest anything useful - but alarm bells just went off in my head when you mentioned Flameout. Having recently broken my 4th metatarsal - I’ve learnt that anti-inflammatories (inc. Flameout) have been shown to drastically slow the bone-healing process.

Just thought I’d share that :slight_smile: