Rebuilding My Squat

Hi CT,

I have decided recently after achieving my goal in my squat powerlifting style i would like to change over to squating olympic style. I have begun a fairly intense program of mobility work everyday but my question would be:

  1. How would you go about this transition? Are there any transitional movements i should use.
  2. Would the max ramp method be approproate for this once proper depth and motor oattern is achieved? and how many times a week could that workout be performed for maximum strength gains?

Many Thanks

Hey, I am no coach, and I dunno if it’s my place to post this, but I think I could help you. I’m not strong by any means but I have great squatting mobility which I gained through doing loads and loads of the below exercises.
This is what I done and it helped me get good mobility. Obviously I am not a qualfied coach or qualified anything so take everything I say with a pinch of salt and be carefull you don’t injure yourself if you decide to try any of it. I’m just showing what worked for me as I hope it could help.

  • “Third World Squats” (do the progessions in the T-Nation article (I did them everyday as often as I could)

  • Loads of calf mobility

I did sets of 10 reps whenever I had the chance to throughout the day on each side and make sure to gradually and gently increase your ROM

  • With the “Third World Squats” work up to shifting your center of gravity around your base of support when you are unsupported and you’ll feel your anterior leg muscles (lower leg) and core really kicking in to help you stabilise

  • Goblet squats (Dan John) (when you can comfortably "Third World Squat)

The Goblet squat is a good drill to learn how to squat upright, but you will soon not be able to find a heavy enough dunbbell… you can do the lumberjack squat (I wrote about it in an article, do a search).

But IMHO the best movement to transition to an olympic lifting squat from a powerlifting one is to do a lot of front squats. And not with a crossed-arm grip, but with a clean (as in power clean) grip… if you cannot use a clean grip, then right off the bat your internal rotators or triceps or lats are too tight.

Brilliant, thankyou both for those. I have been practicing with goblet squats for the last 2 weeks and just used the heaviest db in the gym today so I feel it may be time to start greasing the groove with some front squats.

My current leg day was going to consist of the below and will be repeated twice a wk:

  1. Power cleans from blocks (I have a gd rack position from lots of push pressing) 3x6, 3x3
  2. Front squats: same scheme as above
  3. Bulgarian split squats: 4x 8 1.5 reps

CT, do you see that as a gd place to start before advancing on to maybe the max ramp method?