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Rebuilding Meal Plan


I'm in the midst of coming back from a pretty shitty time,herniated disks/broken neck and financial troubles along with some bad nutritional advice (she said I was taking in too much animal protein and to veer towards vegan, I cut down but still did alot of fish but felt depleted still...) seemed to have knocked me back a bit the past couple years in my time off, but now I'm ready to build back up for my wrestling career and get serious in the gym again. This is the longest amount of time I've had to take off and it has driven me insane as I've done this religiously since I was 16 years old, my question is, what is the best way to go coming back in? I have done a ton of research reading up on

Robb Wolf
Ori Hofmekler
Martin Berkham from Lean Gains

I really want to put my size back on and get in ring shape in the next few months with as minimal supplements as possible. I ordered some vitamins from New Chapter (multi, zinc, B complex) Vit D3 drops, fish oil, natural calm w/ calcium (didn't know if I would be better off with ZMA or zinc and Natural Calm at night), a jar of creapure and ordering up some good old whey (grassfed kind from Swanson Ultra, to avoid heavy metals and preservatives) anyways,

My question is does anyone else have a good battle plan diet/supplement/training wise? other sites to look at or good references?

I'm just getting all my ducks in a row before I get really serious again as I want stabilise financially so I can afford to eat enough while I train



I am on the Anabolic diet - but this would not be the best route for you considering you want to get your size back asap. My suggestion. Eat lots. haha..

Morning: Oatmeal & whole eggs

Mid-morning: whey protein and fruit

Lunch - chicken or tuna or beef & veggies & sweet potato or rice

Mid afternoon: whey protein & banana

Post gym: whey protein with creatine

Dinner: same as lunch

Before bed: whey protein

If you are trying to get size back, dont worry about counting calories, eat as much good food as you can. Stay away from alcohol, eat every 2-3 hours, drink lots of water and green tea.

Stay away from sugar, salt etc

This will provide you with a good basis to build back muscle, strength, power, fitness etc..

Training: Depends on the person - you probably already know how to train (sport specific for wrestling?

I train 5 days a week. I'll copy and paste my routine. But it may be a bit isolated for you (maybe you want a more strength and endurance approach for wrestling). Non the less, my routine has given me BIG gains.


Bent over row (2-4) sets (6 â?? 8 rep range)
Pull-ups (2-4) sets (as many as you can)
* Do a total of 6 sets between rows and pull ups
Deadlift (3 - 4) sets
Seated cable row (handle or ropes) (2-3) sets
Pull down (machine with wide bar or handle) - 2 sets
Super fast and light (seated rope pulls or one arm pulls on flyer machine ) - 2 sets
ABS â?? choose 3 exercises and do 4 sets each (12 â?? 20 reps) * see abs routine
Cardio â?? HIT (5-8 intervals; 30 seconds hard, 30 seconds medium recovery)


Standing straight bar curl OR EZ-Bar â?? 4/5 sets (6 â?? 8 rep range)
Preacher curl 21â??s style â?? 3 sets (6,8,10)
Concentration curl (seated or standing and bent over) OR ladder pulls OR close grip concentration curl (see glossary) â?? 2 sets (12) OR
Hammer curl â?? 3 sets (10,10,8)
Shrugs â?? 3/4 sets of straight bar lift & 3 sets Haney dumbbell lift & 2 sets behind head
Cardio â?? HIT (4-6 intervals; 30 seconds hard, 30 seconds medium recovery)


  1. CHEST
    Incline bench OR Incline dumbbell â?? 4 sets (6 â?? 8 rap range)
    Flat bench OR flat dumbbell â?? 3 sets (8,8,10)
    Incline dumbbell flyers OR Decline bench or dumbbell OR push-ups OR combo style dumbbell press â?? 3 sets (10,10,10)
    Cable machine OR seated flyer machine (tree hug) â?? 3/4 sets (12,12,12,12)

    Push Press or Straight bar shoulder press OR machine press OR Smith machineâ?? 4 sets (6-8 rep range)
    Side laterals â?? 3 sets (10,10,10)
    Unwinding Press (see glossary) or Front raisers OR Arnold press OR Overhead lateral raisers(do these after bent over raisers) â?? 3 sets (10,10,10)
    Bent over raisersâ?? 3sets (10,10,10)
    Cardio & ABS â?? light mini abs session; 5 minute jog

DAY 4 LEGS (day 3 and 4 can be switched)

Squats â?? 4 sets (8-10)
Leg press â?? 4 sets (12-15)
Leg curl â?? 3 sets (12-15)
Leg raisers â?? 4 sets (12-15)
Calves â?? 5 sets (smith or machine & single foot with dumbell â?? push them hard)
Cardio â?? HIT


Close grip bench press â?? 4 sets (6-8 rep range)
Bench Dips â?? 3 sets (10,10,10)
Lying French press OR push downsâ?? 3 sets (10,10,10)
Rope press OR reverse triceps OR double arm kickbacksâ?? 3 sets (10,10,10)
Forearms â?? 4 sets reverse bicep forearm curls; 4 sets seated curl (15-20 rep range)
ABS â?? choose 3 exercises and do 4 sets of each
Cardio â?? HIT

Help this helps!!!!!!!!!!


Definately brings back memories. I just have some herniated disks to work around so I'm going to have to ease in, I just moved into an apartment downtown but go ta new job where I'll be making 250 a week, gotta gauge my grocery bill before I get deep in it, I know when I start lifting I grow like crazy,

I read some cool tips on how to take creatine to release IGF-1, especially at night, I feel pretty good on the paleo diet but I don't know what other carbs besides sweet potatoes I can use for bulking that are non grains...I know nutrient timing has alot to do with it....

As for training I'm hoping to get some in-ring time that will be my cardio and strength, I'm no stranger to straight up powerlifting and I definately see the benefit of full body. I know gymnasts can be pound for pound some of the strongest dudes out there and some even look like pro bodybuilders so I wouldn't mind getting that kind of athleticism. I guess some kind of hybrid of all that would work best.