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Rebuilding Me, Assistance Needed

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I’m heading back to the gym after a long layoff.

What happened?:

6 weeks to Superhero by Thibaudeau happened. Great program but wore me out, couldn’t swing for more than a week or 2. Then I hurt my ankle, started a new gig, diet and fitness took a back seat…Figure September is the last time I’ve hit it hard

What’s wrong with my physique?:

My stomach is now a belly, arms went down too. My 2 cents


I am now on (or will be) a 2600 Cals diet with roughly a 45/40/15 protein/fat/carbs split… 1.5 protein for ever 1lb…may go to 2g for every 1.Think many protein shakes in this diet…they are quick to eat so the urge for hunger and subsequently cheating should be minimalized. Not opposed to going lower on cals if that’s what I need.

Workout plan?:

starting tonight but open to change- I’ll be hitting “The Layer System” (with carries each day )by Thibedeau for size…with 20mins stair master at the end of each workout and a round or 2 of ropes added in…

Sghp: Preacher Curls layer : Farmers Walk : Zercher

FSQ:Lockout pins;Sled Drag: Triceps Finisher

Reverse Bench: Floor Press:OH Walk: Cuban

OHP: SGHP: Skull Crusher One set skull 20 sec then 8-10, 15-6/8, then 10 amrap

I wanna look good and like an athelete… I know that’s vague and not quantitative, and maybe that’s a problem, but that’s where I’m at. It feels weird running for a flight in the airport and bring winded. Playing flag football is a goal too but I gotta lose weight to do it…a slow safety ain’t no good

Let it rip boys! Whatever suggestions you have I’m all for…I’m taking a mindset similar to a recovering addiction seeking help. Probably extreme but I’m sure gall get my point

Thanks in advance!

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Current numbers as of 1/22 @12:30 pm attached…31 years old and 5’10

I’m a neurotype 2A, I’m taking thibs test now

I can’t really decipher what your full plan is, but I’d recommend starting with “just” Layers before trying to add in finishers, carries, stairmaster, ropes, etc.

You think a program named with 6 Weeks burned you out? Layers is usually said to only be sustainable for 3-4 weeks. It’s a simple program but it’s not easy. Do it as is and then re-assess in a few weeks.


Yeah my goal is to look more like an athlete…trim up so to speak

And regarding 6 weeks I’ll post the link below but it’s brutal…and again it wasn’t solely that which killed me