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Rebuilding Lower Back Tolerance


Hi guys

Really wasnt sure where to put this thread so if the Mods want to move it thats fine

Any way.

Did my back in about 6 weeks ago by over fatigueing it for 3 days and then deciding to do some beltless squatting.....im an idiot and lesson learned.

Anyway. I can squat fine both deep with a high bar position and to parallel with a low bar to pretty much where I was pre injury. Overhead stuff is fine, I dont normally bench but that isnt a problem either.

My Problem? If I deadlift or rack pull without spot on form my lower back lets me know with a crunching sound and a bit of an ache for a few hours. I also like to do a little strongman work but given I have no tolerance in my lower back for anything other than a completely neutral spine, so doing strongman is not a good idea.

My Question? Has anyone got any thoughts of how I can rehab and rebuild some strength in my lower back so I can reclaim that bit of leeway?

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.



Crunching sound? Go see a doc.


x2 not something to be ignored


spar, lookin thicker in the new avatar, bro! haha


yep it was time for an update. thanks.


Someone else said that too.

I've emailed an osteo so hopefully I should get an appointment through soon.

Just have to stick to things I can do at the moment and not push it beyond what I can do safely.


There ya go! Just take it easy. No use making something worse for now. Best of luck, man.


I just hate the taking it "easy" part. I did a really successful cycle of the fullbody 5/3/1 and have had to stop amd now I cant carry it on....sucks really.

I suppose I can use this time to build my grip to bridge the 50kg difference in my mixed and double over deadlift. It should reinforce technique as well.

I'll have a look at doing some rounded back hyperextensions and good mornings (light though!) think I've got to get it used to moving again.