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I will try to sum this up as quick as I can, I am a 27 year old who started serious weight trainging aroudn the age of 16, I have been a powerlifeter professional wrestler since that time...a few years bakc I had some strange neurological issues that could not be identified, my neurologist/nutritionist identified pinched nervs in my cervical and lumbar spine and subluxation at the base of the skull and the atlas, advised me to try going gluten free, so i did, after that helping a little a seperate nutritionist said I was consuming too much meat and should try going vegan and this would detox my body and help save my neurological system...not being able to train while I did rehab and nowhere for my A type personality to go I tried it, felt great at firs and eventually between my job I had to keep at the bar and being forced to walk all over Detroit to job hunt I dropped around 20lbs , I did another consultation and tried suplementing but it didnt' work, this all happend over the span of about 8 months

It has been a year now since and I am through with rehabe and eating just as much if not more than I did when i was seriosuly traning, I am back to 180 but I'm afraid my test may have dropped and I did lose some mass...my question is would any serious or permenant damage have been done from this? I'm definately not feeling the same and hate to think I passed my prime at 27 and my choices and circumstance may have have effed up my ability to get back to where I was, hope to hear back soon, does anyone have experience with cases like this or any expert advice? thanks again


What kind of neurological issues?

What kind of rehab?

Supplementing with what?

Your doctors did some weird shit...


I had a scrambling sound in my ear, vision problems in my right eye, a twitch in both arms, vertigo and no peripheral vision. after a brain MRI they chalked it all up to me being crazy until I got a spinal Xray and they found the cervical nervs pinched and the subluxation. I worked with my friend who is a kinseologist on biomechanical realignment since I used up my alloted Dr appointments for the year that my health insurance provided.

I was using a protein powder, fish oil, and B12, both nutritionists totally disagreed with eachother the neurologist nutritionist told me to eat 2 pieces of animal protein ate very meal equalling 120grams all from meat, the other one told m ethat was toxic and would worsen my symptoms and vegan athltes are superior, either way I gave it shot and it all effed me up, my main question is would my body have just totally stopped producing growth horomone or test permenantly from being over worked and underfed? could I have jacked myself up permenantly from all this weird advice and not following my gut on it? it defaintely looks like i shrank a bit but it was so gradual and I was working my ass off so long tha tI barely noticed


Yeah, totally lost as to the connection between gluten and pinched nerves...probably a lot more to do with the whole professional wrestling, getting slammed on a mat thing than the gluten in your diet.


I don't claim to be any sort of expert but here goes anyway: The human body is a wonderfully durable and adaptable thing. It sucks that you got such crap advice from people who are supposedly professionals (vegan athletes are superior, seriously?), but I highly doubt that it's something you can't recover from. Besides there's no point in even thinking like that unless you're looking for an excuse to quit. Read up on Matt Kroc and the shit he trained through/recovered from. 27 is hardly over the hill as far as hormones etc. are concerned and you've got plenty of good years ahead, provided you get yourself sorted now.

Hopefully you've learned something about using caution/good judgment when taking advice, although I understand that health issues can make people pretty desperate. I suggest learning all you can yourself about your specific issues, so you will be less at the mercy of others. You've had a setback, for sure, but as far as being permanently fucked, only if you fuck yourself with negative mindset. Good luck and train hard man.


to ATG- gluten is found in wheat and a good percentage of the population has an undiagnosed allergy to it that can cause neurological problems even later in life, that is why the doc proposed that
to Batman - you're damn right, I studied this shit most of my life as a trainer and massage therapist but when your emotions get thrown in the mix it's harder to be as positive, you're dead right and thank you man


I guess my biggest concern is I felt like I went through what most people call andropause...drop in muscle size, psychological problems, decrease sex drive and everyone chalked it up to depression but it became a viscious cycle but after the external circumstances cleared up I still feel like it was physcial, anyone have any experience in a huge test drop or andropause?