Rebuilding an Athlete

I have been struggling to lose weight for awhile now, and was just looking to put something tangible down I can refer to for advice. Some background: I am 5’10 220 and not too sure of my body fat (the only way I could compare is fat t-man with more definition and a big back and wheels most of the fat is in the torso and lower back, sorry aint got a camera.) Used to be very active,still overweight but always strong and athletic(last checked maxes at 258lbs 330 bench 500 atg squat for a triple and a 30 inch vertical and 4.8 forty when i played high school ball) Abandoned athletics when I got into drinking and drugging more than I had before.

I even caused me to drop out of high school, and even though I was able to go to college with my senior class my lifestyle was so out of control I just pissed away the tuition money. Now at 22 I sit here trying to figure out why with everything I know about training and nutrition would I not apply it(have done olympic variations,plyos,complexes,and even while drinking and drugging managed to stagger to the gym however inconsistenty just to still feel like I could do some of the shit I used too)

Now I have concentrating on cleaning up the lifestyle and have formulated a plan, but I have several problems not quite figured out. One is lack of weights, no gym membership anymore but have access to bout 130lbs of those cheap ass plastic weights, thought about some one arm snatches,complexes,and bodyweight drills. Also diet wise I know I should go low to moderate carbs, but as I have attempted this thing before I figured out part of the problem was that while doing this I sometimes binge eat uncontrollaby(I feel as though this is the reason I stayed overweight, because I’ve been doing this shit since I was little) any tips on corraling those urges?

Third and final until I came to this realization just how fucked up my body looks regardless of function(still light on my feet and in decent aerobic/anaerobic shape) But I need an idea of what I can get away with early on without alot of muscle loss,or explosiveness. Any preliminary advice would be appreciated I will post up my idea for a program tommorrow moring after the morning cardio session. And thanx for reading this long ass post.

Merry lifting and good luck. Good job getting yourself back together.

Sounds to me like the Anabolic Diet could be very suitable for you. Basically very low carb during the week (<30g carbs/day) but you can binge on the carbs on the weekend. You need to be disciplined during the week though.

As for training, EDT could be suitable. Check out the EDT For Body Comp program. (Look under the Authors tab on the left of your screen, scroll down to Charles Staley, click on his name and you get all his articles.)