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Rebounding to Natural State

I took my first ProHormone Cycle in 2014 And went through PCT and ended up just fine after 2 cycles. I started a third cycle with on cycle support and found my body shut down much quicker on cycle, I then cut the cycle short and started pct. Since, my sperm count and sex drive has not rebounded or been the same. I do not have bad gyno but I want to know what are some options to get my levels somewhat back to normal.

what was your PCTs?

HCG is an option, personally I would probably run a whole new PCT with HCG, Clomid, nolvadex for a month or 2 but low dose everything.

BOTSLAYER , im interested in your opinion on my situation. 32 male , PH cycle followed with nolva . A few weeks after pct nipples got sensitive, small knot under left nipple. Immediately stared letro, tapered up to 2.5 mg ED past 4 days. I have nolva and raloxifene on hand. … should I stick with letro? Taper off and start raloxifene? Etc

I will be honest, I had an idea about restarts but when it comes to gyno I would start googling.

What ever the best drug to reverse gyno is.

Oh and ask this guy:

And even search in this forum.

If all else fails start a thread and wait for some one with real knowledge.

I am really not any where near an expert but sometimes I think I can help or at least post an idea and see what somebody more intelligible says.

how do you know your sperm count is low? And how do you know what it was before? Have you actually gotten your sperm counted tested? Because if not, you’re just guessing. Sperm count IS NOT RELATED to ejaculation volume.

how long as it been since you ended the cycle?

Dude, you SHOULD NOT be using letro if you’re off cycle. That’s a disasterous idea. Your estrogen is tanked, sir. What you want is to restore normal HTPA function. Letro will not do this. You should switch back to nolva and try running it a few more weeks at 10-20 mg/day. If this doesn’t work, you’re kinda stuck.

Thanks Flipcollar!
ive been on Letro for a week, should i Taper off a week? or just stop and start nolva?
ive already noticed the lack of drive etc

of course you shouldn’t taper, you should stop it. I said you shouldn’t be using it in the first place. How does tapering make any sense if your estrogen is at 0?

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This is best back in your own thread mate, just FYI as this is a hijack. I would move to a very, very low dose letro as going off right away will lead to an eventual estrogen rebound. start nolva at a low dose and eventually go off the letro completely.

Don’t taper down.

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