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Rebound training system

Has anyone used michael zumpano’s rebound training system? this was developed in the 80’s with the help of dan duchaine and consists of a 10 day cycle varying diet and training every few days and then repeating the cyle. supposedly everyone who used it made great gains. anyone ever try it and if so what were the results? does anyone have a copy of the original manual or know where to find it?

Sounds a lot like a program I learned at a Poliquin seminar last year. He called it ‘Rebound training 2000, 11 day cycle’. Went something like this: Day 0(the day before you start) stop eating at 6PM. Day 1: wake up, drink cup of strong black coffee, and a dose of therms. Go to the gym, train legs, 15-20 reps, 30-35 sets, in 1 hour, go home eat a solid meal, less than 2% carbs!! Rest of day 1, zero carbs. Day 2: same protocol as day 1, except train the upper body. Day 3: same diet, no training. Day 4: low carb meals before training, at gym HIT style training, Chest/Back. After training 55-70% carb meal.(55% if you’re carb intolerant, 70% if you tolerate carbs well). Day 5: same as day 4, but train legs. Day 6: same, train arms/shoulders. Day 7: rest day, diet same as days 4-6. Day 8: Eat diet suited to you, so if you are carb intolerant, low carbs, etc. Workout is maximal strength, train chest/Back, ~20 sets, 3-5 reps. Day 9: same as day 8, train legs. Day 10: same as days 8&9, train arms/shoulders. Day 11: rest, stop eating by 6PM. Repeat cycle 3-4 times. (total 33-44 days) I tried this system and it worked great! CP said you can gain up to 18 lbs leam mass, and get real lean. I don’t know if I gained 18 lbs of muscle, but I didn’t take my bodyfat first. My scale weight didn’t change that much, but I got much leaner and my muscles seemed to grow significantly. (people at the gym kept asking me what I was on.) I also used this system for a client of mine who was doing a Body for Life contest(I know, I know, give me as much shit as you want) and his after pics were awesome. Charles said that Champion Nutrition was going to release a book on the system around Christmas 2000, I don’t know if they have or not, but it’d be worth looking into. Hope this helps.

The original system was by Duchaine and Zumpano and called The Ultimate Diet Handbook. It is still available from Crain’s, QFAC and a few other I believe. Zumpano and Starr have said they would update and release it again for about three or four years but have yet to do so.

thanks alot for the info guys. i will check out crains and order a copy.

hey jay, before i order this i was wondering if you have it and reccommend it, have you tried the system or know anyone who has

The book was only $6.95 but then you get screwed for s/h for about $6. It is only a little pamphlet like the original USH. 30 pages. It is very interesting but not feasible to do. The book would be great to get and see if it is something you could handle and then get Zumpanos update whenever they get it. I also think that if it was really all that and a bag of no carb chips then more people would be on it.

I would be very interested in learning the details of Poliquin’s version of Rebound Training. I’m going to be training for mass for the next 8 weeks, then I will be cutting again and would like to use this approach. I’m well-versed in ketogenic dieting but I would like to know mainly how Poliquin structures his carb-ups and on what days. I don’t know if this is allowable on here but I would pay for someone’s services that is quite familiar w. this approach if needed-I can’t afford to do a phone consultation w. the man himself. I have a home gym as well as access to the local high school gym, plus my mornings are always free as a bartender so I’m good to go.