Rebound training 2000

Does any one know the negative or positive caloric amounts in Charles Poliquin’s version of the Zumpano and Duchaine system, Us Aussies don’t have access to MAG10 we have to train smarter and need this info. Anyone who has tried this system please inform. This system explains I think how C.P. gets athletes such fast results/ Any C.P. secrets regarding the system please post THANKS

I have read a lot of Poliquin’s articles, but have never found him give calorie reccomendations. The most complete diet article I have read of his was from an interview with John Alveno of Peakhealth (I think). If you haven’t read this I can summarize it for you. I looked on the peakhealth website, but did not see the article-it was from August 2000.

I have been reading Poliquin for years and I have read the article by Alveno. The only place Poliquin determines caloric intake is in Manly Fat Loss. He says to add up 4-5 days of food calories, average it, and reduce by 10-20% of your weekly. I think it’s safe to assume the same. Hope this helps.