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Rebound Cycle

Currently dieting till I get to near comp lean, then I’ll be doing a rebound cycle probably 4 weeks but will consider extending to 6 weeks, idea is to use what I have here, get strength up then recover before doing an winstrol/anadrol cycle in the summer months.

Goals are to push my current DC sets of 13-14 to straight sets of 15 and rest pause to 20+, I don’t like pushing my weights up, would rather get more reps then go down in reps and up in weight gradually, using this technique has made me progress faster than ever size/strength wise even in calorie defecit, mainly due to not getting any niggles.

So far…

1-4 250mg pharma test enan pw
1-4 200mg tren acetate pw split into 3 shots MWF with the enan
1-4 500mcg mtren per day split to 2 shots
1-4 androgen tab pre wo only
1-4 ghrp6 piggybacked with 2iu gh 4* on training days only
1-4 7iu insulin pre workout

Carbs will be very high on training days leading upto the workouts (ghrp will see to this :slight_smile: ), and lower on rest days

Any thoughts/additions?