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Reboot: Training Log



Strength Training - 1:30pm (class in college was cancelled so was able to do strength training separately from boxing today)

Mobility work to warm up

Clap Press Ups
3x5: Bodyweight

Overhead Press
2x5: 30kg, 35kg
1x8: 40kg (was itching to add more weight but i stuck to the numbers)

Supinated Weighted Pull Ups (first time weighted felt good)
4x5: 2.5kg, 2.5kg, 5kg, 5kg

Dumbbell Side Laterals
3x15: 7.5kg dumbbells
Going to be keeping strength sessions short and sweet to focus on my conditioning aswell as boxing skills

Boxing Session - 5:30pm

Jogging round gym with some plyos to get going
2x2 Shadowboxing: still getting warm
3x3 Partner Pads: 1-2-left hook body (with some less confident lads so was mainly working for them)
4x2 Sparring: our three coaches decided it was time to move me on and get me sparring more to get comfortable in the ring with a view to fighting which is exciting

Coach was helpful and partner was excellent pushing me and exposing weak spots trying without being a dick and trying to knock my head off (been there before)

Need to work on being less square on, stepping on the heel of my front foot i.e ball of foot down first and working off the jab+a lot more specific stuff but focusing on the general skills first

2x2 Ropes: interspersed with 10+15 second sprints
1x5 Heavybag: hard and fast non-stop coaches shouting in ye ear nearly dying type of round
Some kind of squat+press up complex from hell with normal form, plyo versions and static holds at different points in the movement genuinely made me reconsider exercising ever again, was good tho

After the sparring I was a little disappointed as I was hoping for a 100% intensity type of session, think they might have read my mind and punished me



2 mile run - 6:30am
Mid pace, didn’t time it just getting some steady state miles in. Did a 2 miler in the afternoon on Saturday after I did the log and took 30 seconds off my time.

Strength Session - 11:30am

5x5: first 4 sets at 30kg working on form then last set at 40kg

2x3: 77.5kg, 90kg
1x5: 100kg

Front Squat/Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift
3x10: 40kg
3x10: 25kg dumbbells (50kg total)

Weighted Neutral Grip Pull Ups
3x5: 2.5kg (someone was using the 5s:disappointed_relieved:)



Boxing Session - 10:30am

2x2 Rope with some short sprints and static+dynamic stretches to warm up
3x2 Shadowboxing: focusing on what sparring on Monday exposed
3x2 Bags
1x2 Rope

Short session to focus on some skills

Boxing Session - 5:30pm

Laps of the gym with dynamic movements to warm up
6x2 Partner Pads: working hooks to the body i.e 1-2-l hook body-r hook body
2x2 Pads: with a coach who really likes to push me which is always good (alternated rounds between pads and below)
2x2: lateral movement over hurdles+step ups (high intensity) 30 seconds on each
3x2 Bags: 10 seconds non-stop on the combinations we’d been working on then 10 seconds moving around bag

Little bodyweight circuit getting much better at the plyometric exercises for my legs, all the different jump variations used to be a real struggle now there nowhere near as punishing.



Went for a slow 20-25 minute jog this morning for some active recovery for my legs, get some blood flowing to the muscles.

Strength Training - 2:10pm

Warmed up mainly focusing on the shoulders

Clap Press Ups
3x5: Bodyweight

Bench Press (got the right weights for bench this week)
3 light warm up sets
2x3: 50kg, 57.5kg
1x5: 65kg

Dips/Supinated Pull Ups
3x5: 2.5kg (haven’t done this in months they killed my shoulders, thought I’d give them a go today and they were fine)
3x5: 2.5kg (felt heavy on these didn’t go up to 5kg)

Incline Dumbbell Press/TRX Rows
4x5: 22.5kg, 25kg, 25kg, 27.5kg (each dumbell)
4x20: Bodyweight



Strength Session - 9:50am

Back Squat
3 light warm up sets+5 mins on the bike
2x3: 50kg, 57.5kg
1x5: 65kg (you know its bad when you can easily rep out 65kg on bench but struggle for 5r on squats)

Front Squat
3x10: 40kg (short rest times blast the legs)

Neutral Grip Pull Ups
4x5: 5kg

Boxing Session - 5:30pm

Laps round gym (varied pace) and some plyos to warm up + 2x2 shadowboxing
1x2 Bags: working on head-body-head
Circuit with 2 mins on each station: heavy bag - footwork drill on hurdles - switch feet in hoops - footwork drill on low bench - pads x2
2x2 Heavybag: quick shots to head then power shots to body then back to head using any combo
Did some more bag drills can’t remember the rest of them…
Little circuit 10 reps each exercise no rest 6-7 exercises, push ups, squat jumps etc. and finish with burpees

Warming up took half the session as its fucking freezing round here it may even be colder in the gym than outside



Boxing Session - 10:00am

2x2 Ropes: some 10 second sprints first rnd then second rnd was 20 second sprint 10 second off. Did some dynamic stretches and bodyweight exercises+plyos inbetween rnds to get warm

3x2 Shadowboxing: working jab head-jab body then followup
2x2 Bags: steady pace straight shots for 10 seconds then 10 second fast as possible
Circuit x2: 10 different stations, 7 were different footwork drills done at high intensity, 1 was on the rope, 1 was straight shots in front of mirror and 1 was with a partner trying to tap shoulder or knee. 20 seconds on each station
3x2 Bags: various drills working body and head
2x2 Bags w/partner: one would do 5 burpees the other would work the bag hard and fast then swap when they finished burpees, next round burpees was swapped for 10 press ups
1x2 Partner Pads: 30 seconds fast, non stop straight shots then pad partner for the same, then 30 seconds uppercuts fast+non stop



Strength Training - 4:00pm

Warm up+some light sets
Overhead Press
3x3: 40kg, 45kg, 50kg (left my numbers at home again today so had to try and calculate them on the move and yet again I was fucking miles away gonna have to remember the sheet)

Dips/Neutral Grip Pull Ups
4x5: 5kg
4x5: 5kg

Dumbbell Shoulder Press/Dumbbell Rows
4x8: 20kg
4x15: 20kg

One Arm Dumbbell Row/Lateral Raises
4x12: 25kg
4x10: 7.5kg

Hammer Curls/Hyperextensions
2x18: 10kg dumbbells

Boxing Session - 5:30pm

Jogging around gym with some sprints and dynamic stretches to warm up

2x2 Shadowboxing with bodyweight exercises in between rounds
8x2 Partner Pads: working jab then block the jab i.e jab-block-jab (focusing on keeping the movement small and tight)
3x2 Heavybags: free shots with 2x10 seconds fast non-stop and 15 seconds to finish
3x2 Ropes: same as bags 2x10 second sprints then a 15 second sprint to finish
Bodyweight circuit to finish quite leg heavy was feeling it at the end but still had lots of energy, could have gone again.

Coach said I should try and get down to 70kg and see what I feel like there as boxers at 75kg are usually a few inches taller than me, also mentioned talking to head coach of gym and getting me on a sports specific lifting programme as he knows I love my weights and wants to use that time I spend lifting to help my boxing.



Tempo Interval Run - 6:30am

Got these from Joel Jamieson basically just interval training but not 100%, got some really good resources regarding conditioning on his website.
15 seconds 75% sprint then 45 seconds jog to recover x10

Strength Training - 11:50am

On the bike with varied pace to warm up+some static stretches and some band work

Hang Cleans
4x5: 30kg, 30kg, 35kg, 35kg
1x5(with press): 35kg

1x5: 82.5kg
2x3: 92.5kg, 105kg (felt strong on last set)

Dips/Supinated Pull Ups
4x5: 7.5kg
4x5: 2.5kg

Kettlebell Goblet Squats/Kettlebell Swings
4x8: 20kg
4x15: 20kg


Missed yesterday

Boxing Session - 11:45am

Jump rope with some sprints and dynamic stretches to warm up
Bags: working on jab
Jump rope with 4x15 second sprints

No round timer but from start to finish was 40 minutes.

Boxing - 5:30pm

Laps around gym and some dynamic stretches+plyos to warm up
8x2 Bags: various drills working on speed and general fitness
2x2 Pads: coach keeps telling me to let my shots go on the pads like I do on the heavy bags
2x2 Ropes: with 10 and 15 second sprints
3x2 Partner Pads: working on blocking the jab again with jab-block-double jab
Bodyweight circuit coach picks someone to say an exercise if they take too long or repeat a exercise then everyone gets 15 burpees

Some of the coaches looked over my training programme and gave me a few things to change but said it was mostly good which is encouraging, I haven’t been wasting my time


My coach is of the opinion that explosive shit like hill sprints should be done at close of day, when you’re already warmed up. Save the longer distance runs for the morning.

I happen to concur - I always do better with the more intense work at night. So I’m not surprised you feel this way.


Being as your relatively new to boxing, you’re probably much too square - it’s a mistake most guys make. But once you get those initial issues corrected, be aware that your fighting style is going to dictate what sort of stance you take. For instance, Gennady fights using a wider, more balanced stance that gives him power in both hands. Meanwhile, more pure boxers like Mayweather or Judah are angled off, and only square up when they want to trade. Given my style and the necessity that I cutoff the ring, I favor the former. Your mileage may vary.

Also, keeping the ball of your rear foot up is of paramount importance. The lead foot, though, can rise and sink depending on what you’re doing. If you’re trying to move and box, keep on the ball of your foot. If you’re trying to drive forward while jabbing, as I often have to, my heel hits first - landing on the ball of your foot in that situation acts almost as a brake, killing forward momentum.

In no way am I countering anything your coach is telling you - I am just giving you some things to think about.



Been a mad couple of days managed to keep training but nutritions gone to shit back on it now though got 5kg to lose

Thursday 2/2/17

Strength Session - 11:50am

Bench Press
1x5: 55kg
2x3: 60kg, 70kg

Neutral Grip Pull Ups/Dips
4x5: 2.5kg
4x5: 7.5kg

Incline Dumbbell Press
4x5: 25kg dumbbells


Strength Session - 9:35am

Back Squat
1x5: 55kg
1x3: 60kg
1x5: 70kg (what I have slowly been realising is you cannot squat any significant weight without creating a rigid upper body i.e a tight core)

Front Squat/Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift
4x5: 50kg
4x5: 30kg dumbbells

Neutral Grip Pull Ups/Dips
4x5: 2.5kg, 2.5kg, 2.5kg, 5kg
4x5: 7.5kg

Boxing Session - 5:30pm

Ropes with some dynamic stretches to warm up

3x2 Shadowboxing: double jab-backhand-left hook-backhand
2x2 Bags
2x2 Partner Drills: blocking the jab
4x2 Tech Spar: just jabbing and blocking with 3 backhands allowed in each round, with an awkward southpaw, need to work on committing to my shots
1x3 Ropes



Boxing Session - 10:00am

Ropes with 10 second sprints+dynamic and static stretches+plyos to warm up

2x2 Shadowboxing
Did some intervals on the road outside the gym which has a sneaky incline: jog down the road (around 100m) then fast up the road for 7:30 minutes. Was near the back as usual when running but held a consistent pace and finished strong so wasn’t too disappointed.
3x2 Bags: various drills mostly 10 on 10 off working at high intensity
3x2 Footwork Drills: used hoops and cones i.e back foot stays in hoop or figure 8s in between the cones
3x2 Bags: partner drills on the bag
On the ropes doing some drills with the rope laid on the floor i.e in stance and criss cross then skipping in between

Was a hard sweaty session but felt good at the end, sitting down to livestream the eubank jr fight


All the boxers in our gym close to my weight are tall skinny bastards so I am often in the same boat. My problem was that when I was pushing in I was landing heel first and kind on stepping in which was making it hard to shoot in and out effectively. I tend to forget about the front foot (unless I’m in with a southpaw) so its something I’ll pay more attention to in the future.

Its always good to get an alternative viewpoint as I find coaches from the same gym tend to all share a similar philosophy which means you can only ever get their version of it.


Right, but that’s what I’m saying - if you’re trying to get in and out and maintain the same range, you stay on the ball of your foot.

But if you’re driving in behind the jab - and by driving, I mean stepping forward while throwing 2, 3, or 4 jabs so you can get inside and work - you actually want to land n your heel. Landing on the ball of your foot acts as a stopper in that case, hamstringing your ability to keep stepping forward quickly.


Regarding the heel of the front foot, actually when “probe stepping” where you only move the front foot into range to land a jab and then immediately push back off of it to “clear” landing with the ball of the foot and landing with the heel can both be effective. Landing with the heel first (which in practice almost looks like landing flat footed, but in reality the heel touches first) is actually the better method of stopping momentum (think how Fred Flinstone stops the car), but landing with the ball of the foot can allow someone to “bounce” off the Achilles Tendon, which can be slightly faster if your tendons are conditioned to it.

When stepping all the way into range (like Irish is talking about) where you are going to throw a power shot behind your jab or several consecutive jabs, the front heel should always land first as you usually have more forward momentum and must effectively control it. You also must be able to shift your weight to your Lead foot (and must have the heel down) when you throw your straight rear hand; landing ball of foot first will make this difficult and awkward.


Ahh got you man, thanks for clarifying.

Do you find it effective to throw multiple jabs to get inside, I’m asking because I always seem to get hit back with a shot before I can get that second or third jab in and was wondering if you had any insight.



Strength Training - 3:50pm

Clap Press Ups

Overhead Press
1x5: 32.5kg
1x3: 40kg
1x5: 45kg (relatively easy reps feeling strength coming back)

Neutral Grip Pull Ups/Dips
4x5: 5kg
4x5: 7.5kg

Dumbbell Shoulder Press/Single Arm Lateral Raises
4x5: 17.5kg, 20kg, 22.5kg, 22.5kg dumbbells
4x5: 10kg dumbbell

Skullcrushers/Dumbbell Tricep Extension
4x5: 27.5kg, 27.5kg, 32.5kg, 32.5kg
4x5: 10kg dumbbells
Not really done any direct arm work for a while was mainly just filling time but would like to hear opinions on direct arm work for boxers as you see pros doing curls but most people seem to say it isn’t necessary.

Boxing Session - 5:30pm

Laps of gym+dynamic stretches and plyos to warm up
4x2 Shadowboxing: first two were free, third was on front foot, fourth was on back foot
4x2 Partner Pads: working left hook to the body+blocking jab i.e block jab-1-2-left hook body

5x1 Tech Sparring: normally the heaviest lad in the class but someone who shows up occasionally was there so coach got me in. Hes got about 10kg on me so I’ll admit to being a bit cautious however I was blocking the jab well just need to fire back after blocking and landed a nice clean 1-2-left hook to the body I was quite proud of. Main weakness is that I’m just too worried about getting hit and can panic when they start throwing big combinations, I’m sure just getting more experience will help with this.

4x2 Bags: various drills mainly trying to outwork partner
Little bodyweight circuit to finish, feeling much fitter in sparring but was still gassed after the last round.

Thanks for the information (Irish as well), great to have some more thoughts on it, can be hard to get the full explanation off the coach when there’s a class of 15-20 other people.


Regarding your supplementary resistance training, something which people often overlook (even very highly skilled boxers or boxing coaches) is the need to maintain structural and muscular balance (especially at the shoulder joint as it is the most mobile/least stable joint in the body and takes a lot of punishment while boxing).

The act of boxing itself places a very, very high volume of partial ROM shoulder flexion, shoulder Horizontal adduction, and shoulder internal rotation on the musculature of the Glenohumeral joint (shoulder) and generally a lot of protraction and elevation of the scapula along with it. If not balanced out, or worse yet exacerbated by piling on yet even more strength work which works these same movement patterns, the likelihood of shoulder problems becomes very high.

To balance this out you must include shoulder extension work (which you have practically none of with the exception of pull/chin-ups which do not adequately maintain proper ROM into shoulder extension/arms behind the body), External Rotation work (which you have some of, but I’d like to see more), and upper back work (specifically lower Traps and Rhomboids).

I personally would recommend doing only 1 Upper Body pressing movement (and would prefer higher reps, in the 12-15 rep range) and would choose either a fully contracted should pressing movement (overhead dumbbell press, headstand/handstand push-ups, etc…making certain to achieve full shoulder flexion at the top of the movement) or a fully stretched shoulder pressing movement (parallel bar/dip station dips, Dip Machine, Single bar dips, Korean dips, etc…attempting to build as much strength and ROM [though not necessarily at the same time] in the fully extended should position). I’m not necessarily against doing things like Bench Press (Barbell, Dumbbell, Bamboo bar, etc…) or Push-Ups (traditional, narrow, pseudo planche, etc…) variations mind you, those can be good builders of basic strength, but again, you are already doing a ton of strength endurance work in that movement plane; better to strengthen the portions of the ROM you aren’t hitting while doing your strength work.

The rest of your Upper body strength work should be focused on working the muscles and movement patterns needed to balance out your shoulders. Things like:
-Weighted Shoulder Extensions, Reverse Plank, Table Holds/lifts, Crab walks or AG Walks to strengthen your shoulder extensors

-Face Pulls, Scarecrows, Wall Slides/Extensions, or “high” cable external rotations to strengthen your external rotators and upper back

-Prone barbell front raise (you can do these seated and leaning forwards or with your chest on an incline bench to begin with and then progress to laying on your stomach on the floor or a flat bench), dumbbell Y raise (same progression as above is fine), or weighted Dislocates (assuming your can easily reach full shoulder flexion with a weighted bar, you also should start with a light bar and wide grip on these and then progressively work your hands in till you are shoulders width, then add weight and repeat) to build the lower traps, and help maintain full ROM into flexion.

-rows variation (barbell, dumbbell, TRX/Ring rows), pull-up/chin-up variation (narrow grip, wide grip, behind the neck, L-sit variations), muscle-up variations (only recommend controlled/slow variations especially through the transition), or rope climb variations.

I think your lower body work generally looks ok, but if you are having trouble with your lower back you may want to go back and make sure you actually have the mobility and joint preparation necessary to make loaded squats/pulls a necessary progression to build strength.

Finally you have zero core strengthening exercises. I would strongly suggest fixing that.

Good luck and hope this helps.


Would like to start by saying thanks for taking the time to look over the log and constructing your analysis.

What I got from the main bulk of your analysis was to do less pushing and more pulling, I may be off as I am no kind of expert when it comes to the physiology of training so I found some of the language a little bit confusing. Please correct me if I am wrong.

In terms of the lower back, I just pulled a muscle doing cleans took a week or two to recover but it’s all good now.

When you talk about core strengthening exercises what would you recommend as to most people core work is ab work so I want to fully understand what you mean.

Again thank you for the advice is always hard to objectively evaluate your own training, I am sorry if I have oversimplified here, I have done my best to take as much from what you have written as possible.