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Reboot: Training Log


Yeah I clocked him ducking down in the 1st rnd, I landed a few right hands and left hooks/uppercuts when he did it but there wasn’t much on them.

I think a right uppercut-left hook would have got his attention there but my straight shots are so much more natural so it was hard to switch.


Ok, watched your fight.

The first, and arguably most important adjustment you can make is to your posture while punching.

If you watch the fight again you will see that when your opponent punches his torso is angled forwards (even slightly matters), where as many times when you punch you are standing straight up or even leaning slightly backwards. This means that every punch your opponent throws is connected down through their legs/the ground, while your punches are “disconnected”.

This meant that every time your opponent punched and hit you they gained confidence and you lost it, and every time you punched at them they gained confidence and you lost it.

I completely understand not wanting to get hit and it is indeed a very natural reaction to pull away from pain. But, if you don’t maintain your spinal alignment you completely neuter your power and from that point on, when your opponent feels your lack of power it only emboldens them (and likewise when you feel that your punches are not hurting them you lose confidence in them and start hesitating to throw and not committing even more).

The one time you did maintain your spinal alignment you landed a nice combination, and you definitely got his attention because he immediately responded by coming back at you hard.

Hope this helps.


Spot on @Sentoguy, used to be a hell of a lot worse, definitely a weak point to work on. Thanks for the advice, as always very much appreciated.




Boxing Session - 5:30pm

Normal session, can’t remember specifics, nothing too heavy but not too easy either.


Boxing Session - 5:30pm

Laps rnd gym+dynamic stretches

3x2 Shadow
4x2 Pads: starting to work on specific things with all my coaches instead of them all doing their own things w/ me
2x2 Bags
3x2 Ropes
3x2 Bags

1)Bw Squatsx20
2)Press Upsx20
4)Lap rnd gym (~175m)
Did same again w/25reps (1+2)an 30reps(3)


Strength Session - 12:25pm

Squats/DB RDL
3x5: 60kg
3x5: 27.5kg

BB Row/Single Arm DB Press
3x5: 55kg
3x5: 15kg

Hyperextensions/Ab Wheel

First strength session in a while, felt like boxing+condition has been improving despite this so didn’t feel any real urgency to lift. Back at it now though w/ a full body session.




Boxing Session - 5:00pm

Warmed up then started sparring but in-between rnds when me coach was talking to me I started gagging like I was gonna throw up and had to stop. This has happened a few times before except this time it was strange because there was nothing when I was actually boxing just in-between the rnds.

Think it may be to do with acid reflux, before my most recent bout I had a look at foods which make it worse and cut 99% of them out and it wasn’t a problem in the bout. There are still a few other factors as well tho so may not just be that.


Hill Sprints - 12:45pm

~5min run
3x75 @100%
4min incline run @65%


Boxing - 6:30pm

~10min run

4x150m sprints @85%
2x2 Shadow
6x2 Drills: try to touch partners lead shoulder/knee w/ lead hand etc
4x2 Pads: 3 normal 1 on the shield

Bodyweight circuit




Strength Session - 3:50pm

DB Incline Bench/Single Arm Med Ball Throw
3x4: 25kg
3x4 each arm: 5kg

DB Farmers Walk/Ab Wheel/Hyperextensions
3x25m: 30kg


Boxing Session - 6:30pm

~5min run+dynamic stretches

3x2 Shadowboxing
4x3 holding pads and bodybag, got some nice bruises of the heavyweights
4x3 Pads: 30secs on 6 people lined up alternating between pads and bodybags

Went to spar and then threw up so the session was over for me. Really pissed me off, got some gaviscon to see if it helps.


Boxing Session - 5:15pm

1x2 Rope
3x2 Shadowboxing
3x2 Double End Bag
4x2 Bag
1x2 Shadowboxing
1x2 Rope

Felt my shots were sharp and hard the whole session, focused on quality over quantity.


Yo man, long time no see, still killing it in the boxing ring?


Hey man, thanks for dropping in, been meaning to update this log for a while.

This started getting worse, not just during intense exercise but even walking uphill, I’d be gagging and then throwing up if I carried on. Went to see the doctor and she said it was acid reflux as I suspected. Gave me a month of an antacids an said if it didn’t get better in the month then come back.

Got 6 days left of the antacids and it’s not made any real difference so I’ll be heading back to the doctor’s next week. Was supposed to be fighting a couple days after my last post but my coach said he wouldn’t let me until I was all sorted and back to 100%, especially as my next bout will be my first w/out the headguard. Still been training but at a reduced rate just to keep relatively fit/strong/lean, with no real motivation to log pointless training.

In conclusion, still killing it, just not in the boxing ring for now.


Ah man that sucks. Hopefully you can get this shit cleared up and be on your way to training for the next fight.


I’m back bitches

Going for gastroscopy on 22nd March to look around see if there’s anything significant but I’ve been feeling a lot better recently. Still can’t push to that next level in training all the time without feeling sick buts it’s close.

Started to drink and smoke too much and lost motivation to train and eat properly over the last few months but it’s all gradually coming back to me. Had a lot of time to work on my technique and movement so I can’t wait to put all together with a proper s+c programme.

I feel mean and sharp in the gym can’t wait to get me hand raised, whenever that may be.



Interval Runs - 3:45pm

Felt quick but not that fit, first run in a long time.


Boxing - 6:30pm

Felt fit and strong the whole session. Was hitting the body bag and got complimented on my power which was good.


Strength - 3:45pm

Trap Bar Deadlift
Single Arm DB Press/TRX Rows
Ab Wheel/Med Ball Slam/Palov Press
Band Pull Aparts/Foam Roll

First strength session in a while, went fairly light and focused on speed.


Good luck getting back on the horse mate.


Thanks mate, appreciate it




Boxing - 6:30pm

9x2:30 Bags: 2mins punching working specific things, i.e. short to long range, 2 phase straight shots etc then 30secs of a jump, i.e. jump squats, tuck jumps then 30secs rest

1x15 Ropes w/sprints

Very hard session but felt fitter. Didn’t feel too bad after lifting on Wednesday which is also positive. Rest day Friday.




3 mile run - 9:30am


Boxing - 12:10pm

High knees over hurdles 30secs
Med ball(10kg) slams 30secs
Ladder, moving in and out 30secs
Shadowboxing 30secs

Then did 8rds bag work, more technical than hard.




One of the warm ups we do is running down to a roundabout an back to the gym, it’s just over 1km there and back. Recently I’d been killing myself to be middling in a group of 35-45 but the last couple of times I’ve steamed past (nearly) everyone and came 2nd. Just supposed to be a warm up not a race but I find it quite a good indicator of fitness getting better.

Main session was working specific things on bags then working same things on partner pads after.

Rested Wednesday, planning a little run tomorrow(Thursday) morning. Got boxing in the evening as well, thought it would be a relatively fatigue free way to ease back into a higher training load.




Boxing Session - 4:15pm


Boxing Session - 10:00am

Not been on top of training last few days. Back has started to have sharp, cramp like pain. Hopefully be ok after a light few days.