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Rebirth of the Juggernaut: Post Knee Reconstruction


@JMaier31 Yup. Heading to Nebraska. Fell in love with the area while househunting, so I’m excited now. Being able to build the gym is just a bonus.

@mr.v3lv3t Thanks man!

@oldbeancam Thanks dude. Real break-in is going to be that I can get in a decent amount of volume in my training now. Been spending a LOT of time setting up and tearing down.

@theonecamko Thanks man. Much appreciated.

Woke up at 195.8 this morning. Happy with that. Going to bench this evening and try to run tomorrow, and then I should be back on schedule.


I’m pretty sure you move more often than I do.

Congratulations on the new gym. And the house attached to it.


There’s a fair chance. Tends to be every 3-4 years.

Much appreciated dude. The house is amazing too. Mrs and I are very pleased.

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I enjoy the bullet point style of blog post as well by the way. And admire the discipline involved in consistently producing new posts weekly.


Hey @T3hPwnisher. Any exercise you feel helped strengthen your knee the most after your reconstruction?


@dagill2 Thanks man. Holding myself to that deadline really has been the greatest benefit of that blog. Forces me to have to think of something and still keep my writing mind sharp. And I’ve always been a fan of those style of posts too. Got inspired by Dave Tate’s old articles here.

@drwhang Honestly couldn’t say anything from physical therapy really seemed all that great. I’m sure it was all doing something, but it was so mundane I couldn’t tell. On my own side, I think pushing the prowler was the best thing for it. The prowler stays on a “track” for the most part, so you don’t get too terribly wobbly, and you can course correct with the good knee if needed.

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Alright, thanks man!


Sentient farm machinery confirmed.


@drwhang No problem man.

@mr.v3lv3t This is a massive city compared to where I’m leaving, haha. Excited to get out of the sticks and near civilization again. There’s a big shopping complex within walking distance of my house, with a Pizza Ranch, Chik-fil-a, Panda Express, etc. I’m going to get quite fat, haha.


Eat to support the training right?

My only experience with Nebraska is slogging through I-80 non-stop to and from Colorado. Given my routinely solid experiences with mid west cities, I really only clown on Nebraska for how desolate that road seemed.


Try Wyoming sometime, haha. North Dakota too for that matter. I’ve been out in the boonies for so long that this is a real treat for me.

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Would love to haha. I’ve always been near high population areas so the boonies are my treat.

Always wanted to spend a couple consecutive summers with a dual sport bike and some minimalist camping supplies exploring the country.

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You’ve probably mentioned it before but what do you do for a living that requires all the moving?


“How to tell if you’re stupid: when you see a unilateral exercise in a program and it says 3x10, do you ask “Is that per side, or total reps?” Know how you can tell you’re stupid? Would you have asked that same question if it said 3x11?”

Thanks pwn. This gave me a good laugh!

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@jshaving I’ve actually not mentioned it before. With how much of my face and voice is online, I try to keep a little bit of my personal life private, just because there are some weird people out there. I imagine some perceptive folks have most likely put together the pieces though. If you factor that I’m one of the few strongman that doesn’t have a beard, keeps my hair short, uses a 24 hour clock to tell time and moves frequently, it might make sense.

@drwhang Thanks man! You have no idea how much that question frustrates me.


Axle bench press 296

Close grip axle bench press 251

Swiss bar incline bench 210


Notes: Upped the weight a little prematurely from last session, and maybe it shows. Or maybe it’s because I stopped taking creatine while I was traveling and just relied on whatever was in Bang energy drinks. Either way, the effort was there, and that’s what matters. Got woken up early this morning and ruined my gameplan for an AM workout, so hit this after work.

Woke up at 195.8. Got a photo from when we bought the house, and I redacted my family out of it due to weirdos but thought I looked pretty jacked in it. I’m also standing outside the garage that I will be turning into a gym.


I wish i was a bot lol…i am usually quiet on forums and once in a while i say different lines or join in on a convo…and congrats on moving to a new home, was finding the right one hard?


Also JB and herc on forms can vouch for me as I know then both from way back


Did you have to go door to door and inform everyone about your “jawline” or did you just move in like an animal?


Loving the gold gym t shirt mate. I still have a sleeveless t and a hoodie I bought in gold gym in Venice when I visited there in 2004. Yours looks better on you though. Lol


Most likely some type of non-American traveling salesman. Got it :wink:

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