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Rebirth of the Juggernaut: Post Knee Reconstruction


That’s a lot of curls for someone who doesnt do bodybuilding. Lol


Bicep health and strength is HUGE in strongman. Lotta guys that are too cool to curl end up getting hurt.

I’m trying to find a way to get in good work while keeping the weight low, since I tend to beat the hell out of my biceps. Pre-fatiguing goes a LONG way. Same principle I’m using in my squats.


Only pullin your chain mate. Keep on curling


How did you find it? It’s caught my eye before as something to run since I’ll need to focus on properly adding some size after summer. It’s a program by Matts* for Matts so I figure it’ll work for me.

*I know


@mattjp I only did 5 weeks of it with a blown out knee, so I’m not really the best judge. It scratched the itch, but I didn’t really know when/how to push.


(6) Texas deadlift bar touch and go mat pulls

SSB front squats (rest pause: 12 deep breaths between sets)

Notes: Topset of 15 was on point. Little more strain that I would like, but strength is still there. Been summing up my post Deep Water experience. Need to focus more on pulling with my left side; still primarily using the right. Front squats were stellar, and the reward for hitting 14 on the topset was to just survive for the rest. Tried a backoff set and had nothing left in the tank.


… I will challange you to a squat off one day. I know. Very random.


Last couple of sessions were monsters keep it going!!!


@planetcybertron pretty messed up thing to do to a guy with a rehabbed knee, haha.

@bigpappafrance Thanks man.


Treadmill run w/21lb vest
Speed: 6.9mph
Incline: 1.0
Distance: 1.5 miles
Time: 8:42 mile, 13:02 1.5 mile

Notes: No stopping on the run. Beginning felt really strong. Been having bad GI issues all weekend and though for sure I was gonna be puking today, but it seems to have sorted itself out for now. Maybe went a little too crazy with the cheat meal.


To give you some leverage, I blew my back out couple years ago, so it might be a bit fair? Lol


@planetcybertron @T3hPwnisher how about Half of your front squat 1rm for max reps in 10 mimutes. Most reps wins and that way it is equal, You may only rack the bar once.


Pretty sure you don’t get to claim any disadvantage after squatting 10 x 10 biweekly


@planetcybertron Did the same thing in 08. Wife had to dress me for 3 days for week, haha. Still tweak it every once in a while.

@duketheslaya I’m good man. I tend to save competing for competitions. I got Murph coming up in May though, if people wanna do that alongside me.

@dagill2 If you saw how much I limped for 6 days after that, you’d know why I had to do it biweekly, haha.


Axle bench press 291

Close grip axle bench 246

Swiss bar incline bench 205


Standing ab wheel (between sets of benching)

Notes: 3:25 between benching, 2:00 between dips. Amazed at how strong I felt coming into this workout, as I spent most of the weekend on the toilet. Going by 20 second rest time reductions instead of 30, as that should make the cycle time out better for 6 weeks.

No weigh in this morning.


This may scratch my “stupid challenge” itch for the next few months, so I might take you up on that. With precisely zero expectations of coming in with a competitive time.


Honestly, just getting it done is enough. It’s a ballbreaker.


Yeah, I just googled it. That will be a challenge for me at my current fitness(/fatness) levels. I think the pull ups with the weight vest will be the killer. When do you intend to do it?


Memorial Day is the traditional day to do it, which is May 27th this year. I may end up doing it twice, as my work will occasionally host a running of it during the workweek and my wife has expressed a desire to do it as well, but she’d prefer to get it done in our home gym away from prying eyes.


I feel like I’ve just talked myself into doing it then. I just need to either MacGyver a 20lbs weight vest or use my 16kg one and just accept the extra suck.


Maybe some helium balloons, haha.


I was thinking of carb loading with 10lbs worth of doughnuts. Same effect, right?


I know you’re not a big YouTube guy, but check out Larry Wheels’ video from Giants Live starting at about 7:50, where they pay homage to The King -nice moment.

edit to add: plus Kaz giving Wheels advice starting at 22:40