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Rebirth of the Juggernaut: Post Knee Reconstruction


You killed that last press! Loved the pause, no leg help and just push that thing up!


@JMaier31 I found focusing on breathing through my nose for as long as I can helped a bit. It’s just a small PR to set during the run. Once I get past that milestone, then it’s about synching the breathing to the footfalls. And once I fall out of that, it’s about just holding on, haha.

I’m not a fan of running at all. Used to be, when I was 50lbs lighter. Ran a LOT. Put in 16 miles a day the summer between my frosh and soph year of college, trying so hard to burn enough fat to get a six pack, not at all understanding the importance of diet, haha. With how much the wife like running, it’s a point of contention, because she really wants to run WITH me when I run, but I spend the whole time just being miserable.

Her on our run “How are you doing?”

Me “In a lot of pain”

“Do you want to stop?”

“No, that’ll just make it take longer”

@dagill2 Always a fan of shorter conditioning work, because it’s over sooner, haha. And yeah, the can’t/won’t thing gets me. As a parent, it’s been tough for me and my wife, since we’re both pretty crazy athletes and have pushed through a lot in our time. Our kid gives up and says they can’t do something and a switch just goes off.

@jackolee Thanks man! I had been chasing that 10th rep for so long that I didn’t want to flub it by rushing.


There’s just this minor pain that hasn’t gone away even if I’ve rested it for two weeks now. Can still move, play my sport, and lift pain free but just need to be extra careful. First time something like this lasted for more than 3 to 7 days. I think squatting with toes more parallel were the culprit, with flat feet being a factor. Recently squatted with toes flared out like how I did before and they were fine. Funny thing is, us doctors somewhat scold our patients for not going to one…yet here I am :sweat_smile:

I know it sounds very minor, and that I’ve had worse injuries, but I just know that knee injuries are the worst kinds to have.


I am a big fan of covering up the clock when I run. If on a treadmill, I will drape a T-shirt over the monitor, and use some other metric do give rough estimates on time. IE, if I have ran for 3 songs, probably around 11 minutes, lose the t-shirt and look at the clock until I hit 2 miles

If I am doing intervals, same. If doing a longer run where my pace is a bit slower, I am a big fan of podcasts. I find that if I can get interested in the dialogue, it distracts me from the suck


@drwhang “Physician, heal thyself”, haha. Being totally transparent, I liked having a knee injury more than a shoulder injury, because I could still train my upper body and “look” like I lifted. I can’t imagine anyone lifts weights with the goal of looking worse, and when I blew out my shoulder at 16, it sucked letting my upper body dwindle down. Knee sucks for all sorts of different reasons though.

@atlas13 Yeah, I won’t cover the clock, but similar approach; I’ll let other metrics dictate WHEN I let myself look at the clock. I will slip every once in a while, and that’ll suck.


Getting ready to look like the toothpick version of myself this summer by having shoulder surgery around Memorial Day. My biceps tendon won’t stay in the groove so it’s getting cut and re-anchored. I’ll spend June and half of July in a sling. I can’t wait!


Good thing I wasn’t into weights yet when I had my shoulder injury. Haha. Kept me completely out of my sport for a good amount of time though.

And yeah, knee would suck for all sorts of reasons…can’t imagine having a hard time just trying to take a dump LOL

Man that sucks. What happened though?


It popped out of the groove and tore the retinaculum (tissue that held it in place). I dunked a basketball two handed and grabbed the rim. On my descent my shoulder made a popping sound. It’s been a problem since October.


Damn…hope the surgery won’t put you out for long and that it will get things fixed back to pre-injury status as much as possible. Now that you’ve mentioned, I’ll stop grabbing the rim when checking progress on my vertical jump lol.


Have you seen canned Mr. Hyde yet? 350 mg caffeine, 2 grams beta alanine, $1.49 on shelves with a few flavor options.

Best Rockstar is Green Apple, but the amount of sugar steers me away most of the time. Tried the new diet Mango/guava/other fruit I don’t remember and it was quite good.

I feel ya on new baselines, the kiwi strawberry 300 mg caffeine Rockstars now feel like a normal beverage. I’ve been doing better at limiting to 2 max (once a week) and 1 a day any other day. Had to impose limits because I have no self control. One time, I had a stockpile of energy drinks in my fridge, 300 mg of caffeine each, and I drank 8 in a 3 hour window. No task to accomplish or sleep to drive away, just sitting on the couch playing video games. Felt bad.


@drwhang I’ll say the most bathroom difficulty I encountered was from pain meds, which is why I got off them so quick. Otherwise, you just learn how to operate with a straight leg, haha.

@brady888 It’s probably a sign how often my log turns into a discussion on energy drink addiction, haha. I remember me at @furo discussing it all at the beginning. I’m with you though: my 1 a day habit has become a 2 a day, but I limit myself to 1 Rockstar and 1 Monster/Xyience. I think, in turn, my total caffeine consumption has actually gone done, because I used to live off diet coke, and now I rarely drink it. 8 a day is pretty nuts. I had a buddy with a serious problem. I saw a photo of his garage one time…

Those are all empties…

He was averaging 8 a day, and his all time high was something like 20 in 1 day. I liked having him as a friend, because it made me feel better about my own addiction, haha.


HOLY SHIT. I love energy drinks of all kinds, but Jesus Christ that’s insane. I used to know a guy who would drink around 4 a day who worked in a warehouse with me. He was averaging between 4 and 6 a day for a good bit and randomly one day his throat started bleeding and he had to go to the hospital to have his stomach pumped. Obviously there were other factors involved, but that scared the shit out of me and i haven’t went over 2 in a day.

The hardest part to me honestly is the taste. I don’t really crave the energy like other people, I just really love the taste. I used to be huge into (and still am occasionally) the original green monster. When they came out with the one that had nothing in it stimulant wise, I was drinking that one. It was awesome because, aside from the sugar, I could drink it quilt free. If they tasted like shit to me, I wouldn’t drink them, but I look forward to having one most days.

How does your wife act about drinking them? My wife has a deep hatred for me drinking them.


Same her with diet Mountain Dew. Also with pre workout. Since I’ve been so big on energy drinks I stopped taking preworkout and just have one energy drink a day and a cup or two of coffee pre workout. Seems to balance out


I got her hooked for a bit, haha. I was proud of myself, as I went my entire undergrad without drinking an energy drink, and I got my masters while working shiftwork and still didn’t need one, but once I had a kid it was over. My wife saw me drinking the Rockstar zero carb fruit punches as my favorite, and didn’t feel one way or the other about it. Then, she started working on her second masters while working full time and with us having the kiddo, and one day she said “I felt like I was going to cry, I was at the store, I saw the Rockstars and thought ‘which one is it that you like?’, bought that, drank it while working on my paper, and I didn’t feel like crying anymore!”

I felt like that should be the slogan for Rockstar, haha. That said, she still only drinks them as needed, rather than daily, but she “gets” them now. And since I don’t drink alcohol, she’s ok with this vice.

EDIT: And as for taste, that’s the sign to me that I’m not fully addicted, because there are some flavors I dislike enough that, if that’s all that’s available, I simply won’t drink it.


Definitely the same here. I stay with monster most of the time and rarely strafe away. The new rockstars coming out (green apple and the cotton candy(even though I drank those for a week straight and haven’t went back)) have been good, but most of the time o feel disappointed in the flavor quality. Same with bang and some of the off brands. I mostly stay with the “ultra” line or the low carb monster options. They just taste the best.

If I were a stim junkie like I used to be, I’d be in heaven nowadays with all of the options. Now I see most of them and walk right past, rarely trying new things. @brady888 that Hyde drink sounds almost as terrifying as the preworkout was. That was one of the only pre’s that I took once and knew if I kept taking it, I would die. Haha


Most of the flavors are too sweet for me, but the Monster Rehabs are awesome. The classic Arnold Palmer and the White Dragon are my two favorites. Peach and Raspberry are just okay. I don’t think they’re sugar-free but only have like 10g in a can.



GIANT SETS (squat-jump-reverse hyper)

SSB squats

Box jump

Reverse hyper 270

DB walking lunges (50lbs per hand)

Notes: 3:45 between sets. Form was ugly on the top set of 6, but I made it through. Right knee IT band keeps acting up on the warm-up sets of squats, but calms down after that. Lunges seemed to feel a little better with some weight in hand. I think I’m figuring this training day out. Planning on rotating the after squat work between cleans, chins and lunges, employing the lunges on the 6s week as a means to get in some more lower body work.

Woke up at 196.4.


As I’ve seen you frequently reference Sisyphus and you’re also known to work out a little bit I thought you would enjoy this comic I found on reddit.


@mattjp That is phenomenal, haha. “We must imagine Sisyphus as jacked”…


Circuit (clean and strict press, chins, push press and rows)

Poundstone curls

Notes: Lemme just describe that circuit. 123lbs with the axle. Start with clean and press for 1, chins for 10. Add 1 to press and take 1 away from chins until the reps are reversed. Then, transition to clean and push press for 1 rep and row for 5. Same process. Once you get to 5 on the push press and 1 on the row, work backwards, until you’re back to 1 on the push press and 5 on the row.

Then die.

And since this is supposed to be a deload, did poundstone curls.

Woke up at 194.4 this morning. Ate a light dinner last night and a light breakfast this morning so I could eat like a real a-hole today. Half a large meatlovers pizza for lunch, then a 2 item at Panda express with fried rice, orange chicken and honey walnut shrimp. I’m certain my glycogen reserves are as topped off as they can be.


This doesn’t add up !! Lol