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Rebirth of the Juggernaut: Post Knee Reconstruction


Congratulations man! I’m sure if you run another PMT block you’ll have that 15th rep in the bag…today also may just not have been your day. I saw you pull the 14th rep with 485 faster than you did the 10th rep with 495.


@mr.v3lv3t Thanks dude!

@liftangryordie500 with me not being able to walk last week, you could be right, haha. But I am also taking serious advantage of the bumper plates for the 485.


Ah. Also, what are your thoughts on using a lower TM (85% vs 90%) for touch and go deadlifts, that way I get more reps in (as opposed to having to break near-max weights from the floor on my heaviest weeks)?


Value in both approaches. Sometimes you can surprise yourself with those near max sets. Although typically I make my low percentage stuff deadstop (or with an axle, or both) and high percentage stuff touch and go.


Damn that was a tough one Pwn, awesome. I’ll count the 15 as a rep :slight_smile:


I’ll count that as 15 reps.

Too bad you slipped into the endurance rep range and therefore didn’t get any bigger or stronger.


I would say it was impressive if it were a true “dead”lift where the bar is actually “dead” at the “dead”stop. Also, don’t think I can’t see that jawline getting sharper. You aren’t fooling anyone, especially me, the 150 pound keyboard warrior with a 1.376x BW “dead”lift.


Also wanted to say I rather enjoyed that blog post. One of my favorites of yours. Along with the copious amount of comments on the reddit thread about it being wrong. Gotta love it. Good set brother, and DEFINITELY count that last one.


@mortdk and @dagill2 Thanks to both of you. Always appreciate the support.

@oldbeancam Hah, such an interesting hill people die on. Thanks for the support. Which reddit post in particular? I’ve ended up stirring a bit of controversy, haha.


The one regarding the dead-stop vs tng blog post. All the people that wanted to argue with your point even though it was clear 80% of them skimmed over majority of it. I swear, if most people would just read things through a couple of times rather than wasting time skimming, arguing, and asking questions, they’d be a lot more content.


People don’t want to be content, they want to argue pointlessly on the internet.


daaammmnnn strong AF


Now that I feel a little something in my left knee for the first time in all my years being an athlete, I’ve gained a whole new level of appreciation for your progress. Keep up the good work man


@oldbeancam Ah yeah, that one. It’s amazing how many people want to brag about how they train, vs the results they get. Most likely because they have an abundance of training and a lack of results, haha.

@drwhang Much appreciated dude. What’s going on with your knee dude?


Treadmill run w/21lb vest

Speed: 6.7 mph
Incline: 1.0
Distance: 1.5 miles
Time: 13:26

Notes: Did the whole run with the vest on. Improvement from last year; took a LOT of sessions before I could manage that last year. Conditioning and just plain toughness is up.


Is this your build up to murph? That must be due soon.

Really appreciated your last blog entry man, definitely struck a few bells.


@dagill2 Yeah, that and a fitness test, both in May. The Mrs will be running Murph in full with me this time, so I’ve been helping her with her pull ups.

Thanks for the feedback on the blog. That language has been driving me nuts for a while, haha.


Axle bench press 286

Close grip axle bench 241

Swiss bar incline bench 205


Standing ab wheel between sets (6x3, 2x2)

Notes: 3:45 between sets of benching, 2:00 between sets of dips. Good to finish out that 286 finally. I’ll be back to where I was at the end of Deep Water while being around 8lbs lighter. My left trap and right shoulder blade are jacked up from sleeping hard and various tweaks, so positioning was a little rough today, but nothing serious.

Woke up at 193.8. Unusual for post weekend weigh in.


I assume you’re just plain miserable during your running and pushing your pace further than I ever could. I’m quite mentally weak when it comes to running - and I don’t think I care to improve lol


I DO make liberal use of Netflix as a distraction. If I can keep from looking at the clock until the halfway point, I’m usually ok. Once I know how long I’ve been running though, it grinds on me.

Keeping it to such short distances helps, but at the same time, I don’t ever find my pace like I would with a longer distance run. 1.5 miles seems to be the optimal distance for sucking, haha.

Weight vest goes a long way though. Last year, I kept my speed really slow and thought for sure I was going to have an awful 1.5 mile unweighted time, and I ended up setting a lifetime PR.


For some reason I can’t seem to focus on anything other than my misery while running. It’s like I’m wearing ear muffs or something to drown out all noise except the sound of my breathing. Listening to my labored breathing makes it tough to think about anything else.

Lucky for me, elliptical and bike workouts have my HR at a near all time low so I’m good in terms of health. In terms of performance, I play basketball so running distance (I consider a mile long distance) is unnecessary.


I 100% agree with this. I would rather do burpees than long distance running.

@T3hPwnisher, my pet peeve is the distinction between can’t and won’t. You can’t do something if there is something physically stopping you. You won’t do something if your head is stopping you. I can’t run a 1 minute mile. I won’t run a 10 minute mile.