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Rebirth of the Juggernaut: Post Knee Reconstruction



(2) Texas deadlift bar touch and go mat pulls

Buffalo bar squats (rest pause: 12 deep breaths between sets)

Notes: Tweak my left and right hip on the 10th rep of the topset of the mat pulls. Fought as hard as I could, but basically my hips wouldn’t flow all the way through so my glutes couldn’t lockout. Decided not to stupidly push it, as I want to try for a solid PR next week off the floor. They bugged me during squats, but honestly the hardest part was the walkout. Once I got set, the squatting was easy. I practically dumped the bar on the 8th rep of the first set, but recovered and got 4 more. I honestly had some more in me, but capped it at a 2 rep progress from last time and rolled with it from there. Pretty sure I’m just re-discovering some old strength.


Diablo 2 was still better.


Never could get into it. Atmosphere was lacking.


I found the first one reminded me too much of Lands of Lore (if you remember that far back), too many nearly identical layers of dungeon.


@dagill2 Growing up with Phantasy Star, Ultima, etc, identical dungeon layers don’t turn me off too much, haha. Kinda cathartic really. I’m just a sucker for environment. I’ve disliked a lot of superior games just because they never hooked me. Same reason I like Fallout over Fallout 2.


Treadmill run
Incline: 1.0
Speed: 7.5
Time: 12:00

Notes: Story time; woke up in the middle of the night with my back seizing up on me. Some of the worst pain I ever felt in my life. Had to actually fall out of bed to get out of it. Thought it was ER time and that I mighta slipped a disk. It was 0400, so I went downstairs and slept on the couch and woke up like a new man. Memory foam topper strikes again. Big source of back pain, but the Mrs is a fan of it. Still, decided not to push it with a weight vest run and went for speed today. Did have to take 3 ten second breaks on the last 3 minutes, but kept pace as good as I could.

No weigh in this morning. Another 1.65lb porterhouse down. I’m sure that’s good for recovery.


Ultima’s 7 and 8 were my favourite games for a long time. I don’t remember the earlier ones so clearly. I think I was more about Heroes of might and magic or baldurs gate at that point. Busy making exactly the same parties, even down to the same names everytime.


@dagill2 I was super into Might and Magic 2. Played it a ton. Never picked up the other ones. Baldur’s Gate is another one of those games I’ve played a few thousand times. Highlight was my most recent completion of BG2 remastered with my chaotic evil half-orc barbarian. Much more challenging than my paladin playthroughs.


Axle bench press 286

Close grip axle bench press 236

Swiss bar incline bench 200


Standing ab wheel between all bench sets (5x3 to start, sets of 2 for the rest)

Notes: 3:45 between benching, 2:00 between dips. Restarting the cycle and seeing the benefits of the increased rest times. Took off the memory foam topper and woke up completely healed. Also got some of the best sleep of my life. Left IT band is a little pissed off, but I imagine that’s partially from running and partially from having a jacked up gait yesterday.

No weigh in this morning.


I feel like the biggest challenge would be to play as a spell caster or a bard or something like that. Or try and play as a genuine thief and sneak everywhere.

Either way, genuinely impressed by the idea you can still find time for this stuff. You must be a pro at time management


I just don’t watch much TV. I’ll be next to the Mrs on the couch while she catches up on General Hospital and I’ll have my game on mute. Get in an hour of gameplay over the course of a week or so.


I don’t miss TV like I thought I would. Certainly haven’t got the long list of shows I watch like I used to. Would love a LOTR marathon day though.


@dagill2 Yeah, minus Game of Thrones, nothing really has my interest these days.


GIANT SETS (buffalo bar squats-box jumps-reverse hypers)

Buffalo Bar Squats

Box Jumps

Reverse hypers 270

Pull ups
1x30 w/rest pause

Notes: 3:45 between giant sets. Really liking what I’ve come up with for squats here. I’m seeing some consistent growth, and getting in all the work I want. IT band pain went away before the workout, which was good. Back was stiff but manageable. This workout actually happened on Tues, but I’ve been without internet. Went with pull ups instead of cleans because I didn’t want to risk the back.


Are you planning on breaking down your training setup for this block at any time? Looks similar to what you’ve done in the past with a couple tweaks here and there, presumably from your Deep Water experience.


I’ll definitely watch game of thrones, but not as excited as I was for previous series. I’m hoping they’ll pull something out of the bag and surprise me, red wedding style.


@mr.v3lv3t Definitely. I think it’s still a little pre-mature to discuss the squat programming itself, but I can definitely talk to what I’m dubbing the “Deep Water effect” as far as the benefit of such a long accumulation block.

@dagill2 I’m just a big fan of The Hound and Bromm. Such great characters.


Axle strict press

Superset all sets w/20 band pull aparts

GIANT SET (Strict press-dip-lateral raises)

Axle strict press 128


DB lateral raises

DB curls (no rest between sets)

Notes: 3:45 between heavy presses, 2:00 between giant sets. Had a halfday today, so got this done after lunch rather than after my cheat meal dinner. Not quite as much gas in the tank, but the heavier weight is feeling lighter again, which is good. When I started this training cycle, 186 crushed me. Switched to unilateral curls at the end of the extended set; been a long while since I really pushed the biceps hard.

Weighed in at 195.4. Ceased the concentrated effort to lose weight at this point. I’m happy with this level of leanness. I’m a few pounds away from being shredded (by my standards) but still fluffy enough I’m not getting hurt ALL the time. Seems the leaner I get, the more injured I become. Balancing act.


Sweet deal, I’ll be looking forward to it. I take plenty of nuggets from your log, and eventual blogged program reviews/breakdowns. Glad this’ll be part of it.

These characters are awesome, I wonder how they’ll die next season haha.


I’ve noticed this…I bruise much easier when I’m leaner (even from bracing into my belt). Joints also act up a bit more.


@T3hPwnisher after doing something like deep water where do you go training wise? Now that I’ve experienced it i can’t imagine doing anything easy etc. I’m confused as to what to do in my training future.


great session and the curls must of had a nice pump going


@liftangryordie500 For some reason, I never bruise. It’s a very significant event when it happens. But my skin opens super easily, and I infect constantly. However, I’ll bruise MORE when I’m fluffier because my belt pinches more, haha. Definite joint issues when I get lean though.

@duketheslaya From the man himself

@bigpappafrance Not the most significant pump I ever had. Poundstone curls do it pretty good.


Texas Deadlift Bar touch and go deadlifts

SSB Front squat (rest pause: 12 deep breaths between sets)

Notes: I know no one else will count that 15th rep, but it’s ok: I will. Pleased with that effort, as demonstrated by the moonwalk. Also a lifetime PR no matter how you stretch it, because the most I’ve hit was 14 before, and that was with a similar hitch at the end. To hit a clean 14 and grind for 15 it showing some growth, especially as the bodyweight drops. Warm-ups felt awesome too; taking the chains off had me moving fast.

Front squats were solid as well. I’m better than I’ve ever been, the Juggernaut is reborn. And, in true nerdish tribute, if you listen closely, the song playing for the deadlift is the song from the first post of the log.


Hell yeah man, congrats!