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Rebirth of the Juggernaut: Post Knee Reconstruction


Once we started getting to -50 with the windchill, I had to be more strategic in my wardrobe, haha.


Better solution: keep the pugs out!


I think in that case I would wear every piece of clothing I owned.

As a former cat owner, I can tell you this isn’t always the win you think it is. Unless you like scratching at the door all night


I don’t think I would fare well in the divorce, haha.


Pro tip: leave food outside the bedroom before you go to bed! Eventually, the pugs won’t come into the bedroom unless you feed them. When you need them out, just don’t give them their nightly snack. It’s foolproof.


Haha Pwn I smiled through the whole morning routine.
I pictured the whole thing. Great write up on the morning routine :slight_smile:


@liftangryordie500 You may be underestimating just how MUCH the male pug will pee on everything if I leave him unattended. One of my fears is that I’m going to leave him in a room somewhere in the house and open the door to a floating dehydrated pug skeleton, haha.

@mortdk I always aim to please with my writing, haha.


Your “pleasing” writing really motivates.


I feel your pain. I have the same situation, but with a boxer and an English Walker that want to be in the bed. Luckily my shepherd mix likes sleeping on the floor next to the bed most of the time, since him and the bird dog hate each other.


Hey man, I’ve just been looking over the Deep Water program, as it’s really interesting to me, and I had a question I thought you could answer.

Right now I’m looking at the beginner program, and for the “chest” day where you bench press and do dips & pushups, do you use a certain weight for the bench press and it’s variations? You’re told to find a 1RM for the lifts, so do you use the 70% of your 10RM when doing them, or just work up to hard sets of 10? And what about the lunges and BB rows? Just find a weight that works well for you? There’s really no mention of finding a max for them (and I don’t really think they’re good lifts to max out on anyway), so I’m guessing you just pick that out.


@jshaving Not @T3hPwnisher(Or I might be, who knows), but Im running deepwater currently and can answer your questions. for the Bench, Close grip Bench, and Incline you will be using 70% of the 10RM for each one respectively, as the working weight. For the Lunges and BB Rows, you are correct in using a weight that works for you. What I did my first week was work up to a set off 10 that I thought was challenged, but doable, and found myself increasing the weights once I was able to complete all prescribed sets/reps with less than a minutes rest.

Hope that helps.


Awesome, thanks man!


@biker thanks man. Means a lot that I can do that.

@OTHSteve We keep talking about getting a boxer. Be a good running buddy for the Mrs. The pugs don’t fair well, haha. Good to have a fellow sufferer of the dog/bed situation.

@jshaving I had a different interpretation than @theonecamko IRT the benching. Since benching happened every week, rather than every other week per the 10x10 lifts, and since it was for only 3 sets rather than 10, I didn’t feel it needed to go off the same prescribed percentages. I picked weights that were challenging to get for 3x10, and then focused on upping the weight each week until I couldn’t hit the reps, then upping the reps until I could, all the while reducing rest times from 4 minutes to 2. I’ve been keeping this approach in my current training, as I found it very effective.


GIANT SETS (SSB front squat-box jump-reverse hyper)

SSB Front squat

Box jumps

Reverse hyper 270

Power clean triples EMOM for 10 minutes w/148lbs

Notes: 3:45 between giant sets. Did this workout yesterday, but been without internet. Really digging the SSB front squats. Perfect answer for my needs. This is the second round of this squat protocol I’ve come up with, and so far I think it’s answering the mail. Still trying to figure out back work through this.

Woke up at 197.4 morning of this workout. Big spike, not really sure why.


Thanks! When/if I decide to do the program, I’ll spend some time beforehand trying out each approach. See what feels best for me.

A while back you said you didn’t think using the SSB for squats would work as well as using a straight barbell. Would you also not recommend using a Swiss/Football bar for the pressing, or do you not think it differs quite as much as the SSB would from a normal squat?


Shouldn’t be an issue for the pressing, but I wouldn’t use it for push pressing.


Fully assembled aka the most T3hpwnisher phrasing ever used on T-nation.


Yeah I doubt that’d go over well (push pressing with it). I personally have never gotten the hang of using the bar, or at least haven’t found a way to make it feel as “right” as a normal barbell, so I was mostly just curious how you felt. Not sure I’ll try to use it much.


I’m a massive fan of when he described himself as “sentient farm machinery”, myself.


@strongmanvinny2 and @mattjp you guys are about to blow my cover, haha.

@jshaving Good call. Try to stick with it as written as much as you can.


Axle strict press
10x196 (more PRs and longtime goal met of 10xBodyweight)


Superset w/20 band pull aparts each set

GIANT SETS (press-dips-lateral raises)

Axle strict press 133


Lateral raises

DB curls (no rest between sets)

Notes: 3:45 between heavy sets, 2:00 between giant sets. I’m so amped about that press. Been chasing that ever since Kalle Beck threw down the gauntlet about 3 years ago. Had a bodyweight press for about 7 reps then, and then life got in the way. Hit it with a log a while back, but this was the first time with a straight bar, let alone an axle. I may have had enough more in me if I tried to rush the 10th rep, but I had 10 as a goal for so long I wanted to set up and crush it on the final rep vs risk rushing it for an 11th and missing the mark. Press is in a real good way.

Misloaded the supplemental work presses and ended up at 133 vs 128. Still got a lot out of it.

Woke up at 195.6. this morning. Taco Bell cheat meal again.