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Rebirth of the Juggernaut: Post Knee Reconstruction


@kdjohn Thanks dude!

@theonecamko That sounds about my speed. Just have to found something with old rules, as I haven’t played since Weatherlight, haha.


GIANT SETS (buffalo bar squats-box jumps-reverse hypers)

Buffalo bar squats

Box jumps

Reverse hypers 230

Walking lunges w/45lb weightvest

Notes: 3:45 between giant sets. Was good to get 400lbs on my back again. Still feels heavy, but not as heavy as 320 felt at the start of the training cycle. Just have to get adjusted to the feeling again. My back was fried by the end of the giant sets. Original plan was Stone of Steel shouldering to finish off, but felt it woulda just compounded the fatigue and screwed me for deads, so brought out walking lunges. I’m trying to do my best to keep all the good stuff I got out of Deep Water, with the cleans, jumps, and unilateral work. Had to rest pause the topset of squats, but it’ll be back soon.

Woke up at 194.8. Good to see the weight continue to move in the direction I want.


Dats old school dawg haha, I’m sure you’ll pick it up again quickly if you ever decide too.



Axle strict press

Superset w/ 20 band pull aparts each set

GIANT SETS (Press-dips-lateral raise)

Axle strict press 128


DB lateral raise

DB curls (no rest between sets)

Notes: 3:45 rest between sets on the heavy presses, 2:00 on the giant sets. Best press workout in like forever. On the topset and backoff set of press, I grinded the hell out of the final rep after taking a few breaths to pause with the axle on my body. Really appreciating my ability to fight through a rep. I credit it again to my time with Deep Water. Right shoulder isn’t in as much pain as last week; I think a break from shoveling snow has helped. Came away with a crazy pump in the traps and shoulders.

Forgot to weigh in this morning. Had my Taco Bell cheat meal of a Nachos Bel Grande. Seem to perform well whenever I eat it.


hell of a sess


@bigpappafrance Much appreciated. Seem to be hitting a lot of them post Deep Water.


(3) Texas Deadlift Bar touch and go deadlifts
16+3+3x495+chains (lifetime PR)

SSB Front squats (rest pause, 12 deep breaths between sets)

Notes: Every week I blow myself away on this. This is a 1 rep gain over last week while using a longer ROM. I’m blatantly getting stronger week to week, whereas usually I try to just hold on to as many reps as possible with these training cycles. I’m just discovering more strength and a greater ability to dig into it, and again I attribute it to my time on Deep Water. Clearly the most effective training I’ve ever used. I’m now at the point where I’m disrespecting 495, and for those not quite familiar with my terminology there, 495 was a weight to fear once, and then it was a weight to at least respect, and now it’s not even that. It’s a foregone conclusion that I’m going to smash a bunch of reps on it at this point, and now it’s just a question of how long I can hold my breath for that first big push. I got to 11 reps today.

Front squats were a solid effort. Less stress on the knee, which is the goal of rotating it with the buffalo bar.

An outstanding session all around.

No weigh in this morning.


Making me want to run Deep Water after my competition in July.


Am jealous. You very much deserve it. I can see a 700lb pull around the corner.

Also, happy birthday (?) @BEAst_in_I


Awesome job man. 5 plates was stuck to the floor for me once. I think I can get it any day now for a single. I’m assuming it eventually will be a warmup set.


Damn Pwn you’re really something.
I can barely get 3 reps on the first rep… I must practice this I guess.


@T3hPwnisher I’m actually curious about this because at the end of the day I am an idiot and idiots care about 1RMs. If you were to enter a powerlifting meet in the next few months how do you think you’d do compared to your past numbers? Pretty sure you don’t do powerlifting style squats and haven’t touched a comp style bench for years but on the other hand you’re obviously a lot stronger.


@BEAst_in_I Hell yeah dude; do it! I feel bad for how much of a zealot I am for it, but I wouldn’t be that way if it didn’t work. I may actually spring for one of his other programs when I’m ready to eat that way again.

@strongmanvinny2 Your words mean a lot dude; really appreciate you saying that. Good to have you back as well, and to see your psychosis in training. I’m feeling the same about a 700lb pull. This feels like the training cycle where it could happen.

@losthog Thanks man. It’s a good place to be. 495 is feeling like what 405 used to feel like, if that makes sense.

@mortdk Thanks dude. Practice is HUGE. I used to only be able to get in a few reps. I DO think my past as a trumpet player comes through a little.

@mattjp I don’t wanna be one of those dudes speculating on what I COULD hit, but my work threw a powerlifting meet twice a year at the local gym, and I’m thinking of doing it if it comes by, just to compete in SOMETHING before the year is out. I don’t expect much out of my squat unless I spend more time under heavy weights, because it seems like the unrack is really where I’m weak, but my bench and dead are doing better now repwise compared to where I was in my last meet.


Treadmill run
Incline 1
Speed: 6.7 w/21lb weight vest for 1.25 miles
Speed: 7.0 no vest for .25 miles

Total time for 1.5 miles was 13:22

Notes: Fitness test in May and Murph as well, so it’s time to get back to running. I can call it roadwork to make the wannabe boxer in me feel better. Didn’t feel quite as awful as the last time I ran with a vest, but I’m not moving terribly fast either.

No weigh in this morning. Had a 1.65lb porterhouse steak at dinner tonight. That was pretty awesome.


500lb bench and 800lb deadlift then, got it.


@mattjp How’d you know I was thinking about going into multi-ply? Haha.


Axle bench press 286

Axle close grip bench press 236

Swiss bar incline bench 200


Pull ups (rest pause)

Ab wheel between sets of benching (4x3, then sets of 2 for the rest)

Notes: 2:00 rest between all sets. I maintained from last week as far as weight/reps, which, with the reduced rest, is progress. Next week I reset everything to 4 minute rests and see what I can really do. Realized I’m pretty much doing zero lat work these days, which could partially be why my deads are flying up, but I don’t wanna get too off pace with Murph coming up, so threw in the set of pull ups at the end. Left elbow is really mad, and biceps were a little pissed off as well today. Just feeling stiff.

Woke up at 196.6 with socks on. Good showing for a post weekend weigh in.


Who wakes up in just socks?

I have nothing else to add. Your work here is just ridiculous.


I legit put them on before bed so that I didn’t have to put them on in the morning.

To give you a little peek into my life, I get up at 0440 and I have 2 pugs that sleep in the bed with me and the Mrs. One is an 11 year old male, who is grumpy, lethargic and ornery, and one is a 9 year old female that still thinks she’s a puppy.

The SECOND the alarm goes off, the female pug springs out of the covers and starts running all over the bed, because she’s excited about getting fed. I have to get out of the bed quickly, because otherwise she’ll trounce all over my wife, who has a 50/50 shot of getting up with me to run or sleeping in. I try to wrangle the pug instantly so that she won’t wake up the Mrs in case she does want to sleep in.

That pug follows me into the bathroom, where I pee and then step on the scale for my morning weigh in, usually without socks. Right about the time I finish though, the male pug has stretched out and has most likely finally gotten out of bed. THIS is a problem though, because despite being neutered, he STILL marks everything he can, so if I don’t corral him into the bathroom quickly, he will proceed to pee on everything I own.

All the while, I’m trying to put on a pair of blue rehband pants, since my hips feel like broken glass in my 30s, then workout shorts and a t-shirt to train in, and every time I get on 1 foot to put a leg in the pantleg of the rehband pants or the shorts, 1 of those 2 pugs will book it in the wrong direction, and I have to hop after them.

At this point, I should remind you that it’s pitch black, because I don’t want to turn the light on to wake up my wife.

Once I get fully assembled, I chase the pugs out of the bedroom, downstairs, feed them, eat a quick breakfast, and get in the garage to train.

And THAT is why I sleep in socks; so that it’s one less time I have to take 1 foot off the floor.


Possible solution: sleep in workout clothing! I routinely do this. Shoes not included, although wearing shoes to bed might be a bit more helpful for your circumstances. :slightly_smiling_face:


The issue with sleeping in the workout clothing is I get an even less accurate morning weigh in. The socks already through it off a little, but I can control that considering my socks are all pretty much identical.


I would genuinely rather train without socks than sleep with them. I am a bit weird like that though


My wife is the same way. Can’t sleep with them on.

But through years of weird work shifts and being a parent, I’ve learned how to sleep in some pretty bizarre circumstances.


I can sleep anywhere if push comes to shove. I guess I’m just lazy, I can’t be bothered to put any effort into what I wear to train, I’d happily train in just boxers if i still had my garage gym, just to avoid finding more clothes to wear.