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Rebirth of the Juggernaut: Post Knee Reconstruction


Yep! Amazingly excited about the move. I did not know you were from San Diego, any tips for someone headed there for the first time? Favorite restaurants, good beaches, etc.? Thanks!


For favorite restaurants, I never went anywhere popular growing up there. The big ticket was to find a local taco shop and make it YOUR local taco shop. You’re not going to find better mexican food anywhere else in the world.

I really like Mission beach. It’s pretty iconic, and Belmont Park is like a boardwalk. Seaport Village is also cool to walk around, and there’s a ton of great museums at Balboa Park.

If you wanna see animals, skip the “World Famous San Diego Zoo” (because that’s where all the tourists go) and hit up the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, which used to be called the “Wild Animal Park”, and that’s what all the locals call it. And it’s where the locals go too, because it’s not nearly as crowded.

You’ll be there in time to catch the San Diego County Fair (which the locals will all call the “Del Mar Fair”, because it’s in Del Mar, and that’s what it was called until like 2006) in the summer, and it’s well worth going to. Runs for a long time, and it’s a blast. Take the 56 to get there, because it’s a gorgeous drive. Also, don’t park at the Fair; park at Torrey Pines High School and take the shuttle buses they offer. Totally worth it.

On the topic of driving, traffic is a NIGHTMARE. Get a HOV lane pass if you’re not planning on carpooling.

Hell, maybe next time I’m in town, we can get a workout in, haha.


Jesus Christ, you’re a monster.


Brother, this is epic! Thank you so much for such a thoughtful write up, I seriously appreciate it! I’ll be there in July, would absolutely love to meet up with you anytime your in town. You can smoke me on deads and remind me that im weak…


Hey man, sweet DnD t-shirt.


First off, that press is insane. Besting Kroc was one thing, but beating him by one and being significantly lighter is insane to say the least.

Second, I too am extremely fond of diet drinks and energy drinks, and have recently found out about these dura energy rockstars that have creative and BCAAs in them. Could care less about that, but they have one that is blue cotton candy flavor and it’s AMAZING imo. Also really into the monster ultras especially the purple one.


@liftangryordie500 Thanks man. Really feeling that way these days. Tying it back to DnD, from a classic…


@atlas13 Anytime dude. If you’re looking for stuff on the hardscore scene as far as gyms go, there is Grinder Gym in south county and Iron Mongers in North County. I’ve been to the former, and got to know the dude that runs the latter, and it looks legit.

@theonecamko Thanks man. Maybe I can pick up a sponsor from Wizards of the Coast, haha.

@oldbeancam Thanks dude! I’ve seen those new Rockstars too. Looks like they’re trying to compete with Bang, since they both have 300mg of caffeine. I’m trying to avoid pulling the trigger on them, because I know once I do, that’ll become my new baseline, but I’m sure it’s a question of when rather than if.


(4) Texas deadlift bar touch and go mat pulls
15+3+3x495+chains (lifetime PR)

Buffalo Bar squat (rest pause, 12 deep breaths between sets)

Notes: Holy crap I keep finding more and more strength. Definitely an effect of Deep Water, but I honestly think it’s 2-fold. I think I accumulated a ton of volume and it’s all coming out, but I ALSO think I increased my ability to really dig the needle into the red when it comes to this max effort stuff. I got the first 10 reps in 1 breath, and then just kept finding more and more in me whenever I dug back into the well. Same thing happened on that 9th rep of press yesterday. Pretty awesome to say the least.

Less awesome are my squats. The leg strength is there, but weight just plain feels heavy on my back. I notice this trend whenever I spend ANY time away from barbell squats. I’ll keep addressing it, but I’m also going to mix up implement variety to keep gaining strength in general.

No weigh in this morning. Cheat meal today before training. Nachos bell grande and a slice of a quesadilla from Taco Bell. Still keeping things light.


When will we see the 500 x 20 deadlift we’re all waiting for?


But, how? I guess I’ve never even tried to hold my breath through a rep. I always exhale at some point and then reload.

Nice! My last Taco Bell splurge was over a year ago and I went for three Cheesy Gordita Crunches. I was a little tipsy after a round of golf and couldn’t help myself.


@liftangryordie500 It’s a long time coming. I think I’ll need to put on a little more bodyweight to make it happen, but things are boding well so far, especially once I take off the chains.

@JMaier31 It’s a learned skill for sure. You have to be comfortable with the feeling of your eyeballs about to exit your skull. But especially for touch and go reps, it allows you to keep your original brace, which I find to be the strongest brace in a set. I use the same thing for squats, presses, benching, etc. Pretty much any heavy lift where I have to brace, I try to get it done in as many breaths as possible. In turn, I end up blowing out a lot of blood vessels and capillaries.

The cheesy gordita crunch is legit! My record was 6 I think, when I was 22 and trying to gain weight, haha.


I didn’t even know it existed in my college days! My wife told me about it. Why is it not on the menu? Something so good should not be a secret item. My go-to in college was three beef baja gorditas and a Mexican pizza…or I’d just get the Grande Combo because I’m cheap and it would give me 10 tacos and burritos for less money than my other meal.

I miss my nutritional ignorance… I wonder what could’ve been if I’d never discovered my abs. Once I cut body fat and found those it changed my training outlook forever. Stupid vanity.


Taco Bell yum. Just enough nasty to be a guilty pleasure.

My go to for years was the

2 Baja chalupas with a taco combo with a baja blast
3 taco supremes
1 nacho bell grande
1 crunch wrap supreme.
I would eat that 2 or 3 times a week.

No idea how many calories that is. I’m guessing 2000+


Because of my work, I recently got back into the drug that is magic the gathering after a 5 year hiatus. Trying my best to currently not go paycheck to paycheck on booster packs and rare cards, but all my decks are currently lackluster at the moment. It’s made even harder cause I’m at card shops/game stores 3 times a week at this point.


Jesus Pwn, that is really impressive.
Everyday there is a new insane thing happening in here. I’m gonna run out of superlatives.
You are very inspirational both in here and on the blog. Thanks Pwn


@JMaier31 They’re on the menu now, but were hidden for SO long. Now they’re part of a a combo meal. Such a hidden gem. And finding your abs probably helped you find a few more years on your life too, haha. I was definitely digging my grave with a spoon when I was in my early 20s, but it was a fun time too. I like having abs now.

@losthog I have to put a govenor on me. I once went to Taco Bell when it was my day for a cheat meal, and I helped my friends move, so I thought I could REALLY go all out. I ended up calculating it, and it was a 2200 calorie meal…and I was still hungry. Just a bottomless appetite for it.

@theonecamko I keep wanting to get back into MtG, but same issues; it’s a pay to win game. I just wanna sit down with some dudes, buy like a 9th edition started deck and ONE booster pack and make the best deck we can out of THAT and see who wins.

@mortdk Hey thanks man, always appreciate it. My last blog post was a real fun one, especially with me rediscovering fighting again. And on that note…


Boxing heavy bag 8 rounds
2:10 on w/ 25 seconds between rounds

Notes: Slightly more work time and slightly less rest time, with more focus on hitting hard with heavy hands AND some defense. Finished up that book “Championship Streetfighting” and I highly recommend it for anyone with an interest in boxing and applying it to MMA/“THE STREET!” Got in my head about angles and moving in AND out after an exchange. Pretty exhausting.

No weigh in this morning.


Just found out we’re going to Taco Bell Friday for my nephew’s birthday! I better plan accordingly so I don’t blow this cut.




@JMaier31 Man, good luck, haha. Taco Bell is great for debauchery, not so good for fitting into a decent diet. They have the power bowl and power burrito, which are ok as far as macros go, but still a far cry from good.

@duketheslaya Thanks dude!


Axle bench press 286

Close grip axle bench press 236

Swiss bar incline bench 195

3xFailure (something like 28, 20, 19)

DB rows 105

Standing ab wheel between all sets of pressing (3 for the first 3 sets, 2 for the rest)

Notes: 2:20 between sets of pressing, 2:00 between dips. Not observing a big difference between AM and PM strength, which is cool. Glad I got up this morning. Biceps on both arms are hurting good; big part of that is having to rip my car doors open since they’re freezing shut in this weather. Right shoulder still pretty pissed off too. Benefit of eliminating rest times with this workout is, toward the end, I have room for more stuff, hence the DB rows.

Woke up at 196.8.


Solid pressing session!


You should try a draft game then, if you know people who would want to play. Each person gets 4 booster packs, each person opens one pack, picks a card, passes the rest to the left, pick another card, etc etc, until all boosters are gone. By the end each person will have enough cards for a deck. Just gotta grab the land cards, which are free at most shops.